Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan)

Tim – PC: Crow (Carter)

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ

Carter is a sniper that Empress knows from various jobs



Hex calls – wants to talk to everyone – paying job

– delicate job – he needs ones he can trust… pays 30,000CR

– needs a child to be reclaimed. He will provide aircraft and restock ammo at a reduced rate. Location is approx. Been kidnapped and is a member of his family – his baby sister – Elf, 6yrs old. She was taken as leverage against Hex, because he has access to chemical warfare. Her names is Michelle (Hex calls her Mitch)

– Location of tenament building is in a more social area of Redmond.

– identification tag equipped to gear so that the girl is not harmed with friendly fire.

Hand of 5 – serious poli-group – Lonestar went out of their way to destroy them… didn’t succeed.

Hand of 5 wants to drop a tonne of chemical to destroy the Orc Underground.

Pavor looks at the chem list and wants to have some counter agents on hand. He is thinking utilizing a Firestorm. Pavor fields his contacts, as well, to see if there have been additional attempts to acquire the deadly agents.

She has been missing for 7 hours.

Hex found out where she was – via a contact, who he learned was spiked to the wall…

Pavor runs through a couple Merc bars…. fielding for information…. 2nd location, the Bar-Tender says, “Remember Mackey?” Mackey was a local chemist. Pavor learns that Mackey has been missing, as per his wife. The Bar-Tender shows Pavor what Mackey was working on, on his laptop. MIA for 3 days. He is also one of the guys who “fixes” others when there is a problem. (ie: Street Doc)

Hex states, “I think Seed’s involved.” Azzkee perks up, Seed are Matrix Terrorists.


Pavor requests that Azzkee runs scans from the Merc Bar from the previous days, to see if Mackey can be spotted as being extricated from the location.


Azzkee picks up Mackey, but doesn’t see anyone following him. Nothing telling or standing out.

Pavor re-traces Mackey’s steps… as it is a sketchy area – lots of bars, strip bars, matrix dens, etc.

Pavor inquires with working girls – the first girl he conferred with, she says,”He walks by, all the time 0 but haven’t seen him in a few days.” She leans in and points, “the last day I saw him, he went that way.” She pointed to a Matrix Den.

Pavor makes his way to the Den… starts asking questions and pisses off the proprietor of the Den… in response to his asshat attitude, Pavor punches him, knocks in a few teeth.

Pavor interrogates the proprietor regarding 3 days and the specific time-frame. Pavor learns that Mackey rents a room, in the basement. Mackey is there all the time – but there is an arrangement that the proprietor is to NOT track the tenant.

Pavor says, “Take me to the basement.” Upon entering the basement and passing the security protocals, the doors open and the proprietor says, “before we go farther, we need to put on a chemical suit.”

Pavor sends out a 911 to the rest of us. This is a Hot Lab – the chemical composition is warfare targetting specifically to Meta-Humans.


Gem arranges to go on tour, in Redmond. She rented an apartment, through, Hex, that has a clear view of the apartment building where it is suspected that Mitch is being held.

Base station – Zebra-Alpha-Two…


Seed has been pretty active, for the past couple months… concealing activities, redirects, etc.

Crow learns, from Hex, that Hand of 5 is in the process of recruiting… likely from Poli-clubs.


Empress, Crow, Rocket, Germ and Azzkee arrive at location where Pavor had issued a 911 from.

Mackey had been working with 2 other people… he has been working on pretty high end stuff

– bleed edge science – the group also learn that there are prisoners on site, gas rooms, etc.

Empress states that Pavor has 120 minutes to gather information, that may be useful for our means. We need to turn over this to our superiors. Azzkee acquires data from the systems.

Empress contacts Fendrix and states, “Based on a tip, we investigated and discovered a Hot Lab. You need to get down here, with biohazard gear for neutralization.” Fendrix advises that there is a Finders Fee and follow it.

Azzkee cracks the network, takes over the computer, copies all data of the system.

Knight Arrant arrive, and clear out the upstairs business…


Azzkee overrides security system. Camera feed – shows 8 Knight Arrant on the other side of the door.

Azzkee grants access to 4 guys, in chem suits, Fendrix has authorized this action. Locks the door.

Security Detail – Knight Arrant, gaurding the entrance, while the lab is being documented.


Crow runs into one of his contacts, Cooper… He reveals a wee bit too much info… regarding who he works for…


5000CR – per person, Finder’s Fee… this location has been on the list for a dog’s age… one of the Orcs, that was a prisoners… was a CEO for one of the Corps – and disappeared while attending a prestigious club, Dante’s Inferno.


Fendrix is encouraging that we follow up on this, but are also aware that we are on a side mission. He wishes that we continue, however, should we discover anything else, relevant to our recent findings, to bring it to his attention, ASAP.

Flybot sent up to probe the building across from Zebra-Alpha-Two… unable to see anything through the mirrored windows… there is, however, an open window, the Flybot is able to breach the building, and gain access. 14th Floor – easily, in…

Gem travels, through the upper floors, with her Flybots, (5 in total), and finds an apartment that is done very classy, on the 18th floor. There is a child, in the room, watching TV, but Gem’s perception, something is off. We have received confirmation that it is our target, Hex’s sister.

Gem has positioned the Flybots as surveillance and coverage at the door, hallway, etc.

6 guys in the room.

Empress suggests an option to Hex… to involve Knight Arrant – send a tip to them, from a credible source, that there is a Hand of 5 cell, at the location, on the 18th floor, suspect that there is a hostage situation involving someone that has been reported missing.

Gem sends in a Flybot, to identify perps, that are currently sleeping, not wearing a helm.


Azzkee runs imaging software on the sleeping perp… no recognition… but they definitely appear to be military. Human, blond hair – Hex doesn’t recognize them.


Empress explains to Hex that she is going to contact Lockhead and have them contact Knight Arrant and advise that there is a cell, on the 18th Floor.


The child has been tagged, by RFID, in the event that something goes awry, we can locate the girl.


Empress and Pavor to take ground level surveillance on the back of the building. Gem and Crow, are in oversight, across the street, from the roof. Azzkee in the safehouse, monitoring. Germ, also monitoring.


Empress places call to Fendrix, explains what she wants, regarding the suspected cell, and the hostage situation. Fendrix agrees. 8 minutes later – helicopters, 2 drop off teams, to neutralize the situation. It takes all of 1.5 minutes, to take out the cell – with shock ammo.


The child is safely extracted, Enpress contacts Hex and advise that the sister has been retrieved, Gem provides the RFID tag, should something go awry.


Fendrix… New Mission Statement: “Taking Down The Hand of 5”