Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan) – NPC

Sarah – Gritt (Indigo Thompson)

New Handler – Alvor Christianson

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ


Anna is a Civil Engineer and Math genius.

Time differential from the girl, Anna, being extracted to the false/new wall being built – approx 2 hrs.

Lockers – we need to interview the girls that used the same locker, as Anna… there may communications passed to her from someone else, on the inside – as there is no digital footprint.


We look at video of footage of another girl who was adamant of using the very same locker as Anna, after the fact… Gem identifies that this girl is ‘playing a role’ she appears to have military training and or marshall arts.

  • Mckenzie Howe- 13yr old… daughter of Reesh Howe – he is executive of Aries, who is in charge of Knight Arrant – but is not the same person, who we are looking at – identity theft… she has been swapped to Mz. Attitude. The girl, J-Sharp, who McKenzie was postering with, Alvor advised, “Handle with care.”
  • Alvor suggests that we seek a dance expert, as McKenzie is supposed to be professionally trained but we still believe that this is not the same person.


Dwarf- suspect he is a sub-contract

  • Pavor’s contact provided solid info on the Dwarf, Dover – he buys guns and goes through them like Gem goes through shoes. Average – he purchases 12 machine guns in 3 days. The latest acquisition is 18 guns. He is not to be totally off his rocker… and he will go apesh*t if he feels that he is threatened.
  • Dover’s next job seems to be quite a mission. Team proposes that we make the truck, carrying an arsenal of weapons,  disappear.

Empress suggests that we bug the truck – or cargo

Alvor suggests that he can contact the company, South American, inform the company that there is a problem and we need him to pull over, so we can tag the cargo. Because Alvor is a security company, we earn 10% each. We are sent to Texas. Our cover is guarding and securing the vehicle, as it is being maintained.


Alvor provided us with Military Stealth tags – rating of -5. Benefit is higher level stealth.

Empress requests depleted uranium rounds – in 3 calibres – machine gun, pistol and SMG.. 1 box each.

It would appear that the Arms Dealer has taking a liking to our Empress… Hmmm…

Plan of execution – bug the truck – tail on it, to the location… SneakerNet… Alvor advised that we do have the Security Contract – therefore, the truck goes into a low-tech facility, and we will have one person walk the perimeter of the vehicle as well as the perimeter of the building.


Empress advises that she will do the first leg of the run – with eyes on the truck in her Ducati.

Germ and Azzkee vehicles and motorcycle rentals are arranged, at location…


Empress prepares a plan for in the event that the transport is intercepted enroute to Texas.

Food – protein bars, liquid… in backpacks


We have arrived in Texas… are vehicles are waiting for us. We are identified as Lockheed Security. We are scanned in the facility.

Gem goes into the truck – Gritt and Pavor take the building perimeter. Empress and Azzkee monitor the perimeter of the trailer.


Rocket, “Hey Fargo, what are you doing here?” Fargo, “Uh, I am working here…” Gem says, “Rocket, bag him”… shots fired… Rocket requests Empress’s assistance… Turns out that Fargo is a smuggler. Fargo is a known smuggler, head of a Coyote pack. Empress (as Teagan) confirms that Fargo is, indeed a smuggler.
Azzkee and a drone maintain the perimeter.

Empress confirms with Alvor and Mr. Smith, that there is a bounty on Fargo… $25000 yen…. bounty is going up… over 21 countries want him – $84,000 is the new bounty – 20% is what we will get.


Azzkee receives communication from a Mexican official – who won the bid, advises that we need to task a person to guard Fargo until they arrive – which is about 5 hrs away. We are onsite for 10 hrs.


Gritt advises that there are 7 vehicles heading to our location.


Rocket tranqs Fargo


Azzkee and Rocket receive authorization for award and certificate to drive the transport 10% of the contract to complete the drop.


Fargo is picked up


Transport departs – we are heading to Allesandro – just south of Mexican border – approx. 20hr trip.


On outskirts of Seattle – and things start to get weird. We are being followed. Rocket identifies the trail.

We are heading into a knot of vehicles, SUVs and large cube vans – approx 8… spread across 4 lanes of the highway.


The vehicles change course, in a pyramid formation, driving towards us. Empress and Gritt aim at drivers

Gritt goes to perception – there is no driver…

Azzkee can only see 1 vehicle, one in the back… unable to hack – attempt was deflected – but the vehicle starts to pull away from the formation


8 more vehicles starting to merge on to the highway – to join, assumingly, the 8 that are coming towards us.

Empress drives into the foray of vehicles, assault rifle loaded… confirms – no driver… Authorization for Rocket to start firing at the formation… 2 vehicles crash into the front of the transport… they explode, taking out the front end of the transport – including the tires… transport grinds to a halt…

We now have to protect our cargo and our asses

Gritt aims with burst fire and mists one dude… the 2nd dude was incapacitated

Empress takes out a dude that was hiding behind his door, with semi-automatic burst, with DU rounds… through the door and the dude… like RAID – killed him dead

Gritt, fires but misses

Azzkee – still a bit out of range, fires at assailant in Car A… they may be hurt, but was not in close enough range


Pavor aims with high-explosive grenade launcher and makes things go BOOM… a Big Boom… “Take that, you f*ckers!” as he laughs, maniacally


Empress, about to drive in to an ambush, drives around rather than meet her maker…


Gritt, throws out her bot and takes cover…


Empress drops a Pepper Punch grenade, when she arrives to the rear of the transport.

Azzkee borrows Gems Baretta BF shot… with AP… drops that dude… Muah-Ha-Haa

Gem impacts the vehicle with Rocket’s ride (ohhhh man, she is going to kick her ass)… the hit vehicle, closes the doors are starts to drive away, rather than fight

Gritt throws a flash bang grenade at the driver in Car B… fire, and bodies… 3 guys are incapitated, 1 was not.. he exits the vehicle, on foot.


Mr. Smith, over COM, advises, “Thank you, you’ve made your point, do NOT kill them.” Empress fires a DU at Car A – she is, immediately reprimanded, “Mz. Austin, please refrain from disobeying orders, in the future.” She replies, “I didn’t kill him, I disabled the vehicle.” Again, Mr. Smith, “Mz. Austin, in the future, do not disobey orders.”


Sirens… a wall of cars that are heading our way. 9 drones, heavily armed, demand that we stand in the middle of the road. We are instructed to drop out weapons, in order to secure the area. Knight Arrant confirm that the Drones are theirs. Mr. Smith speaks over COM, intercepting – “I will deal with this… please keep your weapons.”

Drones circle the transport.

Lockheed Transport has arrived to pick us up. Empress does not want to leave, as our job was to transport the cargo. Alvor speaks, over COM, “Your security detail is now complete.”

20% – $84,000

10% – $250,000

Total – each take is $6966.67

Everyone receives 5 Karma – Empress 4 Karma..