Lesser Goddess, Suel pantheon (known to other regions) [Lesser] Goddess of Water Voyages,Ships and Sea Farers

Symbol Sperm whale or three barracuda  
Alignment Lawful Neutral  
Priest Alignment NG, N, CG, LG, CN, LN  
Plane Water  
Worshippers Sailors, shipwrights, fishermen  
Race Any (almost entirely human)  
Sex Any  
Attributes Strength 9, Constitution 10  
Proficiency Groups Priest, General  
Bonus Proficiency Seamanship 3
Preferred Weapons Trident, net, harpoon  
Allowed Weapons Clubbing weapons, crossbows, one-handed swords and short blades, spears, gaff, lasso, net 8
Armor Any, no shield (typically breastplate only) -5
Primary Sphere Elemental (water) 4
Major Spheres All, Animal, Charm, Divination, Elemental (air), Healing, Travellers, Weather 64
Minor Spheres Elemental (earth, fire), Protection, Sun 14
Additional Spells Bless Vessel (new, 4th level, Dragon #90), Raise Dead (5th level), Word of Recall (6th level) 1
  Turn Undead at 1/2 level (rounded up) 10
  Normal priestly followers 5
  Stay afloat at will, regardless of conditions 7
9th level Water breathing (1/day)
5 (1/day) + 3 (P3) – 4 (9th level ) -3 (4 powers) = 5 (minimum)
11th level Water Walk (1/day)
5 (1/day) + 3 (P3) – 5 (11th level ) – 3 (4 powers) = 5 (minimum)
14th level Speak with Water (1/day, as Stone Tell, but with water)
5 (1/day) + 12 (P6 x 2) – 6 (14th level ) – 3 (4 powers) = 8
16th level Summon or Dismiss Water Elemental (1/day)
Summoned is 8 HD, any size water elemental may be dismissed (no saving throw)
5 (1/day) + 11 (P7 x 1.5) – 7 (16th level) – 3 (4 powers) = 6
  Slow spell casting: all spells with casting times of less than one round have their casting times doubled, casting times of greater than 10 are treated as 1 round -5
  +5% experience cost -5
Raiment Fish helm or bareheaded, coral jewelry, blue-green robes with aquatic decorations. Bronze or gilded breastplates are often worn, blue, gold and brass colors are preferred for apparel  
Animals Barracudas, dolphins, whales  
Holy Days Watersday, prayer and meditation  
Animal spells are usable only on (or to summon) water creates, charm person or mammal is replaced with charm sea creature
Weather spells are usable only at sea, on large lakes, or on coastlines
Osprem’s worshippers are mainly on the seaports of the Azure Sea, the Lordship of the Isles, and Lendore Isle, with some in the ports of the Barbarian north
She has few worshippers in the northern or western Flanaess.
Osprem is on fair terms with Xerbo
Temples of Osprem often honor Xerbo as well, worship for Xerbo may be held on Godsday if no temple of Xerbo is nearby (see Garrotten in module L2)
Osprem, the daughter of Xerbo of the Seas, holds dominion over all who travel upon the surface of the sea, and to a lesser extent the mammalian life over the sea. Osprem is believed to be the newest member of the Suel pantheon — her worship was unknown before the Suel reached the Eastern coast of the Flanaess. She is a popular goddess among the resettled Suel, one to be befriended rather than placated. Her temples are often shared with those of Xerbo, although the two gods are on slightly chilly terms — Xerbo feels that Osprem is gradually absorbing his domain, and that she is far too tolerant of those who invade the ocean’s depths.Most sea captains give generously to Osprem’s church, as ships blessed by her priests tend to have quick, safe voyages. Osprem’s priests in turn aid the poor and disadvantaged in their area (especially distressed sailors). They also frequently travel with local captains, offering healing and guidance as needed. As a result, she is much loved by the people of coastal communities. A priest or priestess of Osprem is harmed at the assailant’s peril.

Though most priests of Osprem stay close to their communities, some few take up an adventuring life for all or part of their careers. Osprem smiles upon these priests, in her aspect as a goddess of Travel. They are, however, expected to tithe generously upon their return. These mendicant priests most often adventure on ship or near the coasts, and rarely feel comfortable more than a day’s travel from the sea.

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