The Order of Silver (Oak). An Order mostly consisting of females, mostly Human, but there are a few elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes.

The current Knight Elder is Beleruce of Long Vale. She started this order over a century ago and has been an active member since its inception.

The order has no direct calling, they wander the countryside, often moving into other regions looking for bandits, raiders, monsters and if they get lucky, slavers. It could be debated that the members relish hunting down and destroying slavers, even going so far as to follow slaving groups into the Pomarj or Sea Prince Territory. One of their little forays into the Pomarj went wrong and cut their numbers in half. The Order performed a two-year mourning ritual. The slaughter happened in the fall of 582. Starting in 584 Beleruce has been actively looking for possible members. 

Membership demands a strong faith in Heironeous. This group tends to allow only Females (any civilized species) and they will train. They have a single-chapter house a few hours ride outside the Keoland capital of Niole Dra.

The Silver Oak is a repurposed Inn. Originally it was called The Boulder Inn, owned by an old Human that wanted to retire to live with his daughter. Beleruce made him a generous offer and he moved in with his daughter that week.

Leadership: Knight Elder is Beleruce of Long Vale

Dedicated to: Heironeous

Location(s): There is one chapter house a few hours north of Niole Dra, the capital of the Kingdom of Keoland.

Elders: listed one through four by seniority.

  1. Not identified yet
  2. Not identified yet
  3. Not identified yet
  4. Not identified yet

Membership: Currently 43 are known to be alive. While many are Paladins most are Fighters (most common), Clerics, Rangers and Rogues. (Mechanically speaking other classes can be present but they are rare.)

Membership Restrictions: Some would say it is female only, there are a few males in the mix. Women tend to be drawn to this order.

Oaths: A per a Paladin. For none paladins, there is an Oath of Faith to Heroneous first and the Order Second. 


The Kingdom of Keoland Shield

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