The Air Goddess’ Invocations (magical – two air based spells)
The Political History of the Province (history)
Revised Alterations (magical – 1 level 2 spell – Acid Arrow/Blade Barrier)
The Mysterious Legends of the Ruler Goddesses (unknown history)
Conjuration for Necromancers (magical – radiance of evil – 2 spells – Animate Dead/Blight)
The Journal of Novel White Magic (history – junior mage stuff)
A History of Eleven Bows (famous for the author – Artin Valnala)
The Philosophical History of the Atificing (minor magical – very rare book)
Theurgy for the Apprentice (Cantrips – Minor Illusion/Shape Water/True Strike)
Ancient Truths About the Mountain God (History of Dwarven Faith)
The History of Magics (very rare)
Ancient Transfiguration (unknown language – like nothing you have ever seen before)
Lifebender – Small book about a magic mirror that distorts reality
Ferallity & Elves – book about lost Elven Fertility Goddess
Pursuit and Giants– Large Tome of a Volo sort of fellow and his passion for Large Giant Women
Flameward – Lost sword. This is a book of mixed stories about the weapon Flameward. Each story has a different weapon, but all seem to be called Flameward.
Hateful Ledger – This is an odd book about the day to day frustrations of a halfling bookkeeper working for a Half-Orc
Battleworn Epitome – The cover is long gone but the pages hint at a well told story about a group of dwarves trying to regain their lost town.
Prideful Handbook – Religious book about how Pride and Arrogance destroy lives. By a follower of Zagyg.
Nimble, Cunning of Dismay – Part of a larger series of a ‘Penny’stories about Nimble the Thief. This one is how he gets tricks himself into giving up his stolen treasure.
Clemence, Tome of Due Diligence – From a Follower of St. Cuthbert.
Fan of the Damned – Story about an evil dancer that uses her magic fan to charm and rob wealthy men and women. Till she meets some elves.
Frostbound in the South – Details of the Southen Mountains
Dreamkiss The cursed Sword – Lost legend of an ancient and evil sword made my Hextor.
Whispersong, A Spear of Solonor
Brilliance of the Void – A dark and disturbing set of anecdotal stories from the common folk.
Shamanic Book – An odd book of Goblin Shamanic habits and practices.
Fearful Scroll – A long boring novel on how to use the 3rd level Fear Spell. Comes with the spell.
Burnished Grimoire – This odd book seems to come with three spells: Scorching Ray, Spider Climb, Control Flames.(edited)
Sleepwalker, Annihilation of Shadows – Sleepwalker was a Elf Ranger that want on a crusader to destroy evil. The story is unfinished but long and oft seems impossible.
Sleepwalker, Slayer of Executions – seems to be by a different author but of the same hero. Similar but very different.
Doomguard, Heirloom of Heroes – This is a story of Loftwicks Order of the Rose that disappeared years ago. Much is theory and crockery.
Dawn of Phantoms – A strange story of a young dragon named Phantoms and her adventures in the Human World.
Peacesong of the Endgame – a book on how to play a local stratigy game (think chess)
Penance And Cyrrollalee – A book on humility and how to reclaim friendships. Some good advice.
Souleater the Mace of Hate – Legends relating to a demonic Mace and it’s many users.
Crying Tome – by a follower of Rao. Books talks about peace and hope in times of troubles.
Banished Rebels – Exactly what is says. A odd list of names, all of which have been banished from a unknown city and time. Sounds dwarvish by the names.
Hollow Syllabus – A book on how to be a better Bard. More sarcasm than advice.
Betraying the Scarlet – A book about an order of Knights (Scarlet Order) and their fall from grace by a single act of spite.