This is specifically to the Land of Honey game. I have been adding character events to the list and thought I would start to populate them into my Sandbox timeline.

562 CY

  • Goodmonth, 14th

    Connor Varan vanishes during the night. His body is never found.

  • Harvest, 11th

    Four members of the St. Cuthbert Chapeaux try to enter the Elenion Ancalima (Brightest of Stars) Forest, only to be turned away. They demand access to look for their lost Brother. They are bewildered by the ridicule that elves throw at them: Child abuser, rapist, vile… they push on and are met with violence. With two wounded the four retreat to a safe distance.

  • Harvest 17th

    A Paladin of the Stars (Paladin of St. Cuthbert) offers peaceful talks, he meets with Anyára, the senior wood elf of the small clan. He is also met with a strong show of force by the elves. He is surprised at the reception, but talks to Anyára. After an hour, the Paladin bows and excuses himself.

  • Harvest 18th

    The Yeomanry Military Captain Stom Birdcaller moves a small force of 60 soldiers within half an hour of the forest. Stom talks with Anyára, together they travel to meet Anyára’s granddaughter. With a priest of Heironeous present, he questions, the daughter. At the end of the meeting, Captain Stom and his soldiers move on.

    The elves are no longer bothered but the Chapeaux does not forget.