Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)
Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)
Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)
Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan) – NPC
Wayne – Gritt
New Handler – Alvor Christianson
The Boss – Mr. Smith
Fixer – Fendrix
Old Fixer – Hex
Rigger – Rocket
NPC – Germ

Rehash for Wayne

  •  one of the scientists is scheduled to go onsite today… Empress wants to RFID that person.
  •  the problem, she doesn’t come home… MIA – by the next day

We send Jem in to check out the scientist’s domicile – nothing shows the signs that a female lives in this unit… yet, the scientist is female.

We decide “F” this… time to breach the facility.

  • Pavor had found a rear entrance… and that is our route…. enter in the rear – going in fast and dry. Yeah Baby
  • we run, (on foot), to the location… 3 hrs… to the back entrance…. 30 yds of the Killzone – we can see the old motor pool – trucks, jeeps.
  • Empress picks the lock – the chainlink is wired and booby-trapped… the trap is a signal device – Azzkee – slaps a jammer on the device. We are confident that the device did not successfully transmit a signal.

Jem approaches the motor pool – upon inspection, discovers that the vehicles are, essentially, movie props, supplied by Acme Academy.

The vote is in… we blow stuff up – however, we hold off, as a cautionary… charges have been set. (possible remote detonation – later)
Empress peeks in the windows of the office…. sees stone and grace
Empress picks the lock on the big door… this access area is not booby-trapped. – the door rolls up and more stone and grass.
It is just shy 1 AM… we suspect that the private property may be a perfect diversion – so, we hike to that location. (10km hike – 3 hrs later)

There is a drone, in the area so Azzkee attempts to jam it and fails – a 2nd drone comes in the area and begins to scan, aggressively. A voice over the intercom, “Hey, what are you guys doing, it’s after hours, kindly return to your camp.”
Azzkee whispers, “Guys, take the f*cken drones out before I am shot off my ass.”
Gritt (new name TBA) and Empress go for their long-arm – Empress takes out her drone… Gritt, unfortunately, did not take the one she targeted.
Empress was hit, and the bullet pierced her armour (7P hit)
Gritt was hit and a bullet pierced the armour as well (4P hit)
Voice over the intercom, “Are you done? Or am I finishing you guys and calling the cops?”
Empress contacts Mr. Smith, “We found your person,” she angles the camera to the drone, “but, as a single team, not without dying.” We retreat back to our rooms.
Pavor, having medical, attends to Gritt and Empress’s injuries. (Empress 3P and Gritt 1P)
We depart and get back Seattle – Mr. Smith has dropped our contract… so, we are unemployed.
We have 2 weeks off – and return back to our handler, Fendrix.

2 weeks pass:

Fendrix calls us with a new contract…
– mall duty – young lady, Bambi Sterling, daughter of a Sterling. We are hired babysitters (bodyguards) – approx 22yr old – break from University…
– a ‘problem’ with the body guards… and they don’t know where they are.
– we are slotted to meet her at the mall.
– Security Proc – we have access to security cameras, (within our zone – share a steady stream of data)… access to security personal
– Rocket and Azzkee set up shop in the parking lot. To maintain a view of the camera.
– Bambi is pretty casual. We are getting the sense that she is not who she says she is (daughter of someone prominent) – not a girl set to a world of luxury.
– Azzkee notes the ride she came in on… armoured limo – airport ride.
– She ends up in the Food Court… Fendrix is there – she waves at him and places her ass across from Fendrix. – Jem is with her.
– Gritt – edge of the Food Court – observing
– Empress requests Azzkee to scan Food Court. Azzkee reports back there are coms on top of coms on top of coms… Nothing is standing out
– Fendrix waves them all in (exception of Azzkee)
– Bambi is actually Jennifer Poole – who states “I am in need of assistance.” We are advised to meet, the next day, at 9 am

9 am next day.
– Mrs. Poole explains “On the outskirts of this lovely location, there’s a lab. I would like a sample of the heavy water that is contained within this lab. Is this of interest to your team?”
– the company is owned by RinRakku (one of the top 3 companies that run Seattle – and not known to be friendly – ie mob ties)
– map of the lab… 5 floors and a basement.
– Private corporations – must have a security key to gain access – must have passcodes to get past various areas. Has been there for about 30 years. Lots of security…
– RED CREST LABORATORIES Owner Kye Murry (59yrs)– 2 principals – Tom (32yrs) and Lexie (31yrs) Murry – wife passed away (cancer a few years ago) – Lexie is an Elf. Tom and Lexie are chemists. Approx 200 staffed
– the lab has been focused on radiation and treatment of such.
– Empress requests Germ to look into 2 Fang Security.
– Empress is concerned regarding the heavy water sample that we are being hired to retrieve… and where is it coming from?

The company also runs 2 programs for chemistry. High school and secondary education.

We have optioned to enroll Pavor (who has chem) and Jem into the high school course.

  • Professor Owen Baker – 69 years (common-law relationship – she’s 43). He writes major reports re: nuclear medicine. Quite renowned – water sustainable binding fluid wet-wear. In other words: using nuclear medicine to fuse better fuse Bioware to the recipient.

…to be continued