Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan)

Sarah – Gritt (Indigo Thompson)

New Handler – Alvor Christianson

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ

Azzkee is requested to attend a meeting to sign some papers – with Alvor…

– exquisite office – he hands her a box, non-descript, prior to receiving, she was required to sign.

– everyone receives a text to meet Alvor at a private gym, at 14:30 – there’s a Dude that greats us, with a big smile… 9’ tall with tusks, horns, etc.

– mission – older sister – on the lamb – bring back, undamaged, preferably.

– Anna Holysch – 18yr old Civil Engineer (intellectual prodigy) – genetically modified – when she was 12, last seen, at the location where we are meeting, the previous day.

– there is a short list of 8 girls who are considered her inner-circle – the girls are present

– last seen in pool – she disappeared after she went into the change room – she goes to shower room and vanished… MIA for 24hrs.

Azzkee – summons Germ to assist for facial recognition on streets – data access granted.

– Security guard meets with Jem so she can look at the showers and change room…

– Grit speaks with the girls – girls said that their are rumours that Anna had been chatting with someone. Azzkee requests that we access the enrypted data stream.

Perception – Grit… look at girls – all have same basic features – similar builds, eyes, facial – etc.

Perception – Jem and Pavor discover a security door – that is off the shower room (why is there a security door in the girls’ bathroom?)

Pavor access the security door – once he steps in – lights come on in sequence

The hallway can only be accessed by the ceiling… (leads to water room) – Azzkee accesses the door, grants access

Pavor and Jem – the plate, just beyond the door… questionable – Pavor opts to EOD the plate.

– rubble and dust… lights have been shattered. Wall – new – as in not cured

Jem – was able to dislodge one brick – she can see a 9×9 room with 8’ height – smells like sewer… She dispatches a fly-bot in the room – there is a man-hole that has been pushed to the side – which leads to more inquiries – there is a trap… auto gun… Azzkee hacks it – Ingram Vallant Light Machine Gun – gains full access…

Previous data from trap… a Dwarf works on cam… Azzkee sends this data to Germ.

Jem verifies that the area is clear – and invites the team to come on down… to begin tracking the potential abduction.

Empress dispatches two more flybots to one that goes to the right is shot at.

Azzkee finds the next gun trap… same weapon – hacked and disabled.

Jem dispatches 2 more flybots, staggered release. The hallway goes another 60’… there is a hermetically sealed grate.

There is force field… Jem sent a flybot through it. Jem and Pavor are unable to find a projector. Germ, doesn’t recognize the technology, without a projector, either. Alvor speaks through the comms, “Very interesting”

Location – we are still under the Athletic Centre – about to leave the area – but, Germ is having a hard time to pin-point due to interference with the cement and rebar.

There appears to be a room, off the hallway then the hallway continues… Jem sends out another flybot… it gets shot down… Azzkee attempts to hack – but is unable to do so.

Pavor wants to create a claymore – with explosive rounds and Gritt delivers it to the autogun. The mechanics of the autogun has been disabled.

The room… has been scrubbed… table with tools, explosive tools – 8 chairs. Bottom corner – rubble – little flat areas – Pavor sees a bathing suit. Anna, our target – however, changed prior to being abducted. Confirmed that it’s not the same bathing suit that Anna was wearing, previously. We bag and tag the suit for DNA testing, later. Azzkee verifies that the original data stream of Anna was not tampered with it.

Empress requires a runner to come down, to run a biological/

Germ sends an encrypted msg, “Azz, darling, can you remove the pixilation?” Yes… she does this.

Anna – she is wearing an armoured body suit. We have verified that this is no longer an abduction… she has escaped. Alvor… agrees and begins and investigation, from his end… there is a breach, from the inside. The data – we had checked and confirmed it was not tampered with… was, indeed, tampered with by someone who has extremely high skill.

We are called back – game over… they will pursue from their end.

We meet Alvor, out in the parking lot. Empress advises that the siblings need to be investigated.

Alvor requests that we continue to investigate – but quietly, because Anna was working on 2 high-level projects.

Mr. Smith advises, if we need to kill the girl.. then, kill her.

Empress contacts Hex.

Empress learns that there is a singer that looks remarkably like our Anna – current concert… alias “Lisa Poor Girl” Dwarf is known as Kristol. Few want to work with him.

Pavor’s contact comes back and says his Dwarf goes by Dover – specializing in trap guns, catch and release – Goodbye Kisses (booby traps) – has a bad name among others. He makes his own.

It would appear that the Dwarf we are seeking is one and the same, working through various alias. Seeing that he tends to have similar attributes.

Gritt suggests that we create a HoneyPot to seek out and work with the Dwarf in question…

Empress contacts our Rigger and inquires if she knows the Dwarf in question. Rocket says, “Yes, he’s a psychopath.” Empress advises we may need to access assistance, later.

Alvor suggests that he can find someone to do the job… Empress pipes in “But, you are already compromised… I don’t think we can trust your contact. Instead, we can utilize Jem, who already has a skill to be The Face.”

Germ contacts Pavor – he is the HoneyPot (target) name: Ellis Clark is the new target – Germ needs a couple days to create an 18 success fake history…