Safeton, Planting 9 (Sunday), 585

With shared insight from the goblin elder, the group came up with a plan to kill the Wyvern that had taken up residence in the tallest tower. It has a full nest and goblins had been providing it with offerings to keep it from preying upon their community. The evidence showed that other than goblins, no other species or races had been offered to the wyvern. 

The group plotted and like all good plans, they fall apart the moment the enemy appears. Vonhilga tried, desperately, to make an emotional connection with the dragonkin. The creature, while enticed by the offer of friendship, was far more hungry, and after a particularly nasty attack by Thabuli, it chose its prey and managed to snatch the half-elf, but only got so much air before the group tore into the creature. Thabuli landed hard, fracturing a wrist, breaking a rib and cracking two others.  He did survive. 

Vonhilga was distraught and shattered by the death of her Soul Pet. While the connection was clearly one-sided, she was, nonetheless emotionally devastated.




Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 5

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 5

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 5

Vonhilga Von Dacklemoffer
Dwarf Bard
Level 5

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 5

While the dwarf bard mourned her, indifferent, pet, the group got to skinning and separating out the valuable parts, ensuring the best cuts of the flesh and scales for a chance at green-gold leather and scale armour. Vonhilga refused to look.

During the skinning Udrif and Pharum climbed into the beast’s nest and discovered the remains of two eggs and a volume of bones, mostly looking like deer, moose and maybe some sort of cattle.

Once they cleaned up, they moved on and returned to Safeton. Along the way, they had a minor run-in with wolves and got some hints that other monster tribes were working in the region.

At Safeton the group updated their respective employers, got paid and settled in to start working on the Light Festival.

With the arrival at Safeton, this particular introduction arc was complete. 

Treasure: Undistribuated. 

  • 1500 cp,
  • 400 sp,
  • 70 gp,
  • a bone rod inlaid with a meandros of silver (25 gp),
  • a leather mantle trimmed with fox fur (25 gp),
  • a stoneware tile adorned with silver and a phoenix in relief (25 gp),
  • an agate puzzle box set with a rosette of moonstone (25 gp),
  • an earthenware tankard embossed with draconic runes (25 gp),
  • Spell Scroll (Augury) (uncommon, dmg 200),
  • Dust of Disappearance (uncommon, dmg 166),
  • Potion of Fire Breath (uncommon, dmg 187)
  • Very fine Dwarven Dagger with the Script: Cat’s Claw in ancient dwarven.

After a tough fight, they returned to the Flashing Blade Inn and rested for the night.

The Annual Bav “Gathering of Lights”

Planting, Freeday, the 28th.

Every year the Bav family throws a large event, the event is dedicated to Pelor, it is open to all Nobles – it is bad form to exclude any of them, and let the local children see the “Stary Lane.” The Stary Lane is the main road that has been lit by the many noble families. Each Family adds an extravagant display along their front walls. The winner gets to Judge the following year. Donations are given to the local orphanages and the needy.

Vonhilga and Pharum have been asked to run the entertainment for this year even.