Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan)

Wayne – Gritt – NPC

New Handler – Alvor Christianson

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ

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Fleshing out some of the details to the Heavy Water Mission. Had to start digging through my browser history.

IN a few hours Jennifer Poole kicks back some info regarding what section of the Heavy Water part her Client wants.

The client wants single full sample from series BioT7901 through BioT7980. There is a storage room in the basement – a large cooler – and there should be about 80 in the series. Expect them to be about a gallon each, in a silver metal fame with four transparent mesh ‘windows’. Otherwise the water should look normal.

Her contact is Keira Ellis (Elf/Female/34 – drug problem). Nervous and skittish. She may help the group for the right payment and as long as she does not get in trouble.

Biotechnology: Lower organizms including algae and bacteria can adapt to grow almost in 100% D2O. Since, distinct morphological features are associated with microbial adaptation, the phenomenon is an excellent model to explore the basic biology of stress and adaptive responses. Some of these organizms are being explored as sources of a number of deuterated molecules for industrial, biotechnological and medical applications. To illustrate the point, deuterated glycerol has interesting potential uses as a precursor of transparent plastics and other compounds. Deuterated glycerol can be produced by Dunaliella spp, a salt-tolerant algae growing in D2O at high NaCl concentrations. Thus, indicating an interesting biotechnological potential for such organizms and several groups are engaged to exploit these possibilities.



Pavor is thinking of establishing himself in the facility as a professor of the Secondary Education program.


Azzkee and Germ need to access information Seattle University database to determine who the professors are, that provide education for this specialized course.

Azzkee requests Fendrix’s assistance in acquiring the information regarding the faculty, as well as students rosters – (prequisites to enter the course, etc)… We need to establish, who we are taking going to take out, to place Pavor in, to cover…

Empress looks at the security – all profs have tracking, RinRakku – on clothing, in skin… etc… We would have to extract them and place them in a zone that is 100% blocked from any communication.


Keira – contact – patch addict – she lives in East Side of Slomesh…

Empress wants to impersonate Knight Arrant – take Gritt with her… slap a nice drug induced patch on Keira… but, we need to extract her and ‘grill’ her…

Keira has a special # that we can contact her… but, to meet with her – at would be at her location… Going as Knight Arrant… 4000CR each.


Empress requests Azzkee to send a message to Keira – “We need to meet”

The location is a coffee shop – Salada’s Cafe… a couple blocks away from her apartment.

Meeting scheduled for after 9pm.

Empress (jammer is on her) is going to meet with her – Jem will be in the cafe, as another student.

Keira is sitting in the back corner, by herself. Keira is nervous… Empress introduces herself to her – and notices that Keira definitely has an addiction. Empress offers her some candy…. Empress slaps a patch on her…

Keira has major access to facility – but also has a serious problem with her addiction.

Empress sees that she is getting sloppy – Empress offers to walk her home… Pavor knows to pick her up.

A couple ‘casual individuals’ appear to be following… one is an Orc and one is a human – a certain swagger – Pavor thinks they are body-guards or security… Empress inquires, and she admits, “Yes, University supplies security.” Pavor is made aware – and is very observant… these guys are not concerned about Empress…. but, they are, as well, a tad observant.

Azzkee – contacts Fendrix, we need to put her in rehab… this is the avenue of infiltration, with Jem… into the facility… “We need our own Doc-Wagon, to this location… now…” Pavor, darts her, so that she goes down… and the extraction looks ‘legit’

Keira worked in Bioware – Wetwear enhancements as well as being a Doctor who works in Nuclear Medicine.

Keira falls into Empress’s arms… Empress extracts the dart… a chirp from Keira’s arm – “Ma’am, are you ok? This is Doc-Wagon…” but the automatic system realizes a Doc-Wagon has already been dispatched… Fendrix impersonates a Doc-Wagon dispatcher… great cover.

Pavor RFIDs the security

Azzkee – 4000CR to hire a hacking team to make it look like Teagan (Empress) is, indeed, Keira’s Aunt. Another 6000CR to make these credentials last 6 mos

The security guards Eagle Security headquarters


Medics determine that Keira has a brain-tumur. Non-operable – she has been receiving experimental treatments… extremely painful… hence the patch addiction. (Pavor advises that nuclear medicine that is a byproduct of the treatments… and she, Keira, is not important enough, to be tracked…) Germ pipes up… “Hmmm….” delves into the company and notes that the facility has had a lot of cancer-related problems… and also noted that a doctor who was in charge of research had, essentially, taken a walk of his boat.

Empress learns that Keira has high level radiation poisoning… she has been isolated from everyone else, considering the extent of her poisoning. Empress is required to be showered, as pre-caution.

Germ learns that the data that we need (incl. Keira’s data) is stored in a ‘cold room’ in the basement of the facility. Everything is hardwired…. a suggestion is made that we turn Keira into a Jane-Doe… but it will cost us… Fendrix agrees that this would be feasible and pretty much guarantees success. Jem is to go in, as Keira.

The trick to this, we have to mimick Keira’s bio (vitals) to replicate, via computer…

Jem… needs to learn the symptoms in order – mimick. We have a week – approx


Fendrix suggests to Pavor… could you not say that Keira (Jem) has hired him for the day, to assist… thus… we have 2 of our people within the facility… one who has full access the other is limited… but they can still work, as a team, and complete the mission.


Hex – the old Fixer – contacts Empress and notes that, “rumour has it, you are all doing a job at a certain facility…” Empress could not confirm or deny… Hex continues, “well, I have a client that would be interested in a sample of the water, as well.. and they are willing to pay 12000CR” Empress laughs at him, “That is not nearly enough – and argues that this is a conflict of interest and 12000CR is laughable”. In the end, she negotiated up to 19000CR plus a special order gun – Chain Gun – that Pavor had ordered – added pro-bono… Done


We learn that Keira works on her own schedule…. Empress notes, prior to Jem going in to the facility – she needs to go home… as the last access to her apartment was the Knight Arrant…


Keira has been placed on Short Term Sick Leave – as of 4 days ago… She has been advised, numerous times to not go in, as she has been noted to be sloppy – leaves samples out, accessing areas without proper protective gear… etc…



Azzkee receives a communication – incognito – Anonymous wants to do a deal to gain a sample – for a client – for 20000CR… Azzkee confers with team and negotiate and counters the offer 25000CR half upfront… he counters and we end up settling at 23500CR and a side agreement to arrange to meet (cyber or in person – following this job). Identity, after half funds are transferred to account… his handle… SQUID…

Each of the team stand to earn and additional 7166.66CR

We need 3 samples.

We receive confirmation that Keira’s ID has been transferred to us – but will degrade within 6mos…