Faithful Knights that follow Heironeous based out of the Keoland. They particularly focus on the Undead and Wizards that summon them. Necromancy is illegal in most kingdoms and they wonder the countryside looking to put the undead to rest. They do much more than this. The order is broken into numerous chapters each with a focus. While there is a common similarity between each group, some specialize in particular creatures or types of creatures. 

The Broken Chain: Witch Hunters. (Majority Clerics). There are 28 listed members still presumed alive.

The Silent Question: Were-creatures. (Majority Rangers). There are 17 listed members still presumed alive

The Brilliant Shield: Undead – this includes ALL undead. (Majority Paladins and Clerics). This is a large group with nearly 81 listed members presumed still alive.

The Golden Spring: Fiend hunters. (Majority Paladins and Clerics). There are no known living members at this time.

The Kingdom of Keoland Shield

Keoland, Niole Dra is located in Greyhawk which is the property of Wizards of the Coast. A better disclaimer will be happening soon.

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Redraw by Anna B. Meyer, Fantasy Cartography.