Safeton, Planting 1 (Starday), 585, Evening.

The group finally got to leave Safton, at approximately 11 am, the group departed the North Gate and began their first journey outside the safety of the city walls. The weather held and the party made good time. Their first interruption was at the (Zezud) Rako Farm. Rako was a widower and ran the farm by himself, with the help of hired Hands.

To the south road, there were the remains of four humans, they looked like merchants, although they lacked many goods. Most of it was travel goods: bedding, 30 days’ worth of food and the like. One was armed like a guard or former soldier. One of them was turned into a zombie and successfully surprised Thabuli. She did no further damage.

The farm residents, and several cows, had been turned into zombies. The party fought them and put the bodies to rest.  They burned the remains and moved on. Some facts they discovered:

  • The farm dogs had all been killed at range, at night.
  • It looks like the zombies swarmed the farm and caught the humans off guard.
  • While a zombie can raise another zombie, it is not common. A wight was probably involved.


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 4

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 4

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 4

Vonhilga Von Dacklemoffer
Dwarf Bard
Level 4

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 4

The Village of Two Poles:

The group arrived later in the day, near the entrance of the small hamlet, they found dead Safton guards. A patrol had been surprised and overwhelmed. Each guard had a boot print on their back and their throat cut. 

The party quickly got into combat with a pack of bandits, 40 seconds later they defeated the criminals and started to explore the village.

  • It looks like the residents had all left several days ago. As the villagers left they toppled over any water barrels, burned down foodstuff and took everything they could. 
  • The soldiers look to have been dead for less than 24 hours.
  • The Bandits were not that wealthy, so did not have much wealth.
  • Fished Hakheil is missing. He lived on a large plantation to the North

The party stopped here for the night.


The Annual Bav “Gathering of Lights”

Planting, Freeday, the 28th.

Every year the Bav family throws a large event, the event is dedicated to Pelor, it is open to all Nobles – it is bad form to exclude any of them, and let the local children see the “Stary Lane.” The Stary Lane is the main road that has been lit by the many noble families. Each Family adds an extravagant display along their front walls. The winner gets to Judge the following year. Donations are given to the local orphanages and the needy.

Vonhilga and Pharum have been asked to run the entertainment for this year even.