Lady Cirma Bav

Lady Cirma Bav // Local Nobles

Lady Cirma Bav wants to hire the party to help her solve a problem. She wants the group to go to her estate. She was a captain in the Safeton Navy for 7 years. She lost an arm while in a sea battle trying to stop an Orc raiding ship.

The Bav Family has seen its fortunes swell and shrink over the ages. While aware of their heritage and they do track their lines, as all good Suel Nobles do, their views are not always popular. The Family has a history of supporting the poor, helping others and generally not being very noble, at least in the eyes of the other nobles.

Some of the rumours they got:

  • Lady Bav is ill and trying to shore up her Family‚Äôs standing before she passed away. She has been actively working at marrying her youngest daughters and even younger grandchildren to ranking families.
  • The Lady is very supportive of the local poor. She has tried and failed, many times to get some sort of system in place to help the needy.
  • The Lady is dealing with some strange problems and needs people willing to keep quiet.
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Ezor (Rowman)

Ezor is a former slave-turned-animal trainer. He gained his freedom a year ago when his master, begrudgingly freed him and several others. It seems the Master lost a bet to a member of Greyhawk society and was made to relinquish his people, at least that is what he called them. Greyhawk calls them slaves, while the many wealthy, in Safeton, call them Assets.

Some 4 months ago he found work as a Junior Animal Handler at the Brawler’s Pit. He loves the work but the pay is meagre and he struggles to make a living. Other elements may be looking to take advantage of that.

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Sgt. Vehra Netsk

Vehra Netsk is a middle-aged human, in good shape, although balding. He arrived in Safeton when the ship he was working on suffered serious damage. He had to find work to feed himself. Nearly 20 years later he has worked in the Safeton military, at the local Magical school and recently started to work for the Nobles as a private guard. He is a friendly sort, conversational and quick to strike up conversations with people, he found his natural talents worked well as a Lawman of the land. 

He has a wife and three children that all live behind one of the larger estates, a perk of the job. He has 12 lower-ranked soldiers under him and works a 12-hour shift three days in a row, gets two off and back to three. He is an avid follower of Xerbo, the Sea Dragon. 

His uniform is black with black chain armour. The helms are polished to a mirror finish. He uses a falcata, and a shield. He runs his soldiers in a line of 5 shields with two to three bowmen behind. Depending upon the situation he will run pikeman with a shield wall. He is adaptable and likes to experiment with different ideas while training.

Treat as a level 6 Human Fighter (Battlemaster) with a leaning towards leadership and tactics. He is well respected by his men.

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Lord Mulcon Longarm

Lord Mulcon Longarm is a power player in a small pond. He is a bully and carries his heritage with arrogant pride. The Longarm clan used to hold tremendous power, till Greyhawk showed up. He owns several tracks of land, mostly used for farming and light lumbering. 

Mulcon is a stout, older male with thinning blond white hair and a pudgy clean-shaven face. In his youth, he was a powerful fighter that adventure, after his military service. He retired after 12 years at the rank of Land Captain. After that, he left Safeton for just over 6 years. He returned with tremendous wealth and a desire to rule. 

His great muscle has not completely turned to fat, and he still practices daily with his weapons and local trainers. His age and a lifetime of injuries have left their mark on his body, he is slowing down and resents it. He can have fits of self-pity and suddenly is taken with great joy. It is rumoured he is cursed, a tail started by his own staff.

He cares very little for his serfs and trusts the local militia to protect them. Unless production is affected, he does not get involved.

He often wears dark green robes with a large black belt, he is clearly settling into a life of ease and misses his glory days. 

Kossoth Bav

Kossoth Bav

Kossoth is the younger cousin to Crima, while his Family does not hold a noble title, he still works closely with his higher-standing cousins. He recently completed an 8-year tour in the military and has taken to working with the family on a number of projects. 

Not much is known about him on the streets as he has been away at sea for some time. He seems honest and forthright. 

Melud Hunar

Melud Hunar

Melud is a student at the local Wizards College (See Crypts of the Ruby Sorceress) and a member of the Sapphire Wand. He is human, about 5’8, approximately 21 years of age, has bright blond hair, cut just above the shoulder, he is always in his purple robes and always seems distracted. and still considered a Wizard’s Apprentice. The party met him when he was using the cantrip Control Flames to clean spots that zombies had been standing in for periods of time. 

The group asked him questions about wights but he was not able to answer them. He accepted an offer to go for a beer and seemed excited to do so. He is not overly conversational and focuses on the task at hand. He is well trained in this regard, he does not get distracted. He also seems to be able to talk and work his magic at the same time. 

Priest Ralin Stagrunner

Priest Ralin Stagrunner

Ralin is a Radiant Servant (senior priest) and has a strong streak of showmanship in him. He enjoyed working with the crowds, healing the sick and working with the needy, he never shies away from hard work. Ralin loves being a Priest, he always shares his tales of adventure, life and death situations and even compromises. While he can not suffer evil, he knows that some evil must be returned to later to save lives now. He carries the death of every person, and monster, on his conscience. While he is well aware that evil must be destroyed, he often sees the villains as pawns in a Game. While his order may shun Half-Orcs and other strange breeds, Ralin has a half-orc sister that also lives in Safeton. She has given him very clear eyes when it comes to the mixed races. He will try to talk before swinging his golden mace.

He is often in his white and golden robes, his hair is cut short and well maintained, is just over 5’11 tall and in good shape. He is an older male, in his mid-40s to early 50s. He has a terrible burn along his left arm and side. Many years ago he was burned by necrotic fire, while he has Regenerated the hand, he has refused to heal the rest, stating that this is a reminder of the darkness they are meant to fight in Pelor’s name.

While on the stage Ralin is a showman. When in his gleaming plate he is serious, with a friendly smile. When not working, a rarity, he is laughing and drinking, working and helping the needy. He is just one of the many Priests that show such affection for the needy of Safetyon.  

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Master Zeber Memi

Older human male, slight paunch, oddly ready smile with dull grey eyes. His is balding and his blond hair has turned white with time and age. His skin is pasty white with fading bruises showing in several locations on his body. 

Master of Events and Current Times is a title given to the people responsible for recording known events. Zeber has a small team of researchers and a budget to send out adventurers to discover and return with details relating to such events. 

His office is piled high with books, paper and scrolls. He has the typical disconcerting view many of the followers of the Rudy Sorceress do regarding death.

He is a member in good standing with the Ruby Wand.


For the area, he can be found in, Dock Quarter, he dresses well, wears a foppish hat and is always smiling. He sticks to rich dark colours, often dark reds, elegant slates and glittering black. Ozzo is not what people expect and he is happy with that. He does not go out of his way to rob people, he can run hard bargains but often, especially if he likes people he will work at bartering a trade, get the local gangs work which props up the Thieves Guild. 

He loves to laugh, loves humour in many forms, enjoys a song and dance just as much as the next fan. The more he likes you the better the deal. When pushed, Ozzo will show his past. He can often be found at the Hole in the Wall tavern. If that is what it really is. 

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The Duzursk Family // Local Nobles 

The Duzursk is one of the noble houses in Safeton. They are wealthy and bored. They pride themselves on their bloodline and old other races and species in some contempt.

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 He is 14 years of age and grew up in the temple. He is an orphan that seems to have the spark of magic so the school took him on. He is enthusiastic and easily excitable. He has the courage of his age.

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Dormin Boonpeak

Gnome blacksmith that specializes in high-quality pots and pans. He has a son and wife.

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Balan Family

A noble family from the region, they seem to have been decimated just over 200 years ago in an ill-fated venture into the Suss Forest. All that remains is their Family shield, currently stored at the Ruby Sorceress Library/Museum. It was recently returned by an adventuring part. It was stolen two years ago.

Taza Silver

Taza Silver, Mistress

Taza is a young, Human, female, approximately 18 years old, and a full-time student in the Wizards College at the Temple of the Ruby Sorceress. She was an orphan, it is believed that her family was from the poor quarter and were murdered during a Blood Moon Festiva, many innocent victims are sacrificed to the Flan God of Death, Nerull. She is pretty, with long blond hair that runs to the middle of her back, which is always in a ponytail. She has dark green eyes and a nasty-looking scar that runs from her mid-left cheek, down about  5 inches over her jaw and slightly into her throat. Three years ago, while helping the Safeton military with a monster incursion, her master, Eshin Highbrow was killed by a barrage of orc arrows. She does not currently have a master’s.

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