Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan) – NPC

Sarah – Gritt (Indigo Thompson)

New Handler – Alvor Christianson

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ


4:30am: Pavor receives a text from one of his contacts regarding information that he will not to know. He was advised to come prepared. 116th Ct North East… (really sketchy area)

Empress, Gritt and Azzkee are also going.

[Azzkee picked up FN HAR – w/AP, Explosive and Uranium (on order – avail in 2 weeks)]

intersection – there is a checkpoint – (bad scene of Mad Max) – they state – 200CR to pass… Pavor says, $150… after Azzkee negotiates – Pavor pays 150CR

We arrive to destination – and there appears to be a pretty sophisticated group – well armed.

Pavor meets with contact – his contact exchanges with him a data-stick – the contact requests 2600CR – Pavor agrees, he is advised to watch his ass, as the data is ‘hot’. (represents an independent group)


Pavor goes back to the vehicle – and passes the data stick to Azzkee. The data stick shows a lab outlined – a ‘hot’ lab – located in an old military location – that is known for biotech warfare.

– suspicion is that the Dwarf, Dover, we had dealt with, prior, is working in the location

– as well, we suspect, that the girl, Anna, may be in this lab and be reverse-engineered….

Dirty Face Peek – is the military location



– Rocket suggests breakfast at a ‘really good place’ – that serves sausage

We drop a jammer – so we can confer… – the restaurant is completely ‘meyakked’ for technology… <muah-ha-haaa>

Empress suggests that we inform Mr. Smith of what’s going on and bring him in on the loop.

He advises that we bring all our gear in, so that he can provide sealant to all aspects of our gear. He is arranging for other people as well as gear – and way point for us.

Empress inquires that if we come across victims are we to perform an extraction… Mr. Smith advises that he has no problem in informing the gov’t.




We are travelling into native land.. Salish Nation – the plan is to appear as those going on a ‘glamping’ corporate trip


The camper is $600/day… other than food – we are ready to go. Heated tents, sleeping bags, etc.


3:30pm – we have arrived to location – Telma

4:00pm – grounds keeper comes to us and inquires if we need guides, to hunt, etc.

Jem and Empress go to check out the native shops, in the town.

Azzkee sees something but is unable to tag it – must go deeper into the bush….

Roger and Gritt accompany Azzkee to find out what is the “blip” on her radar. Gritt recommends wearing armoured vest – Azzkee opts to do this, with her Big Game Hunter gear.

We go a mile east.

There are 3 drones, heavily armed – going in a very specific triangular parameter- not in the direction of the lab – but may be an access point. We are about 100 meters from the parameter. The drones are a light security that have been modified. Firearm appears to be AK…

Gritt approaches the area where the drones are monitoring – the drone approaches and advises, “please take note that the area you are approaching is private property.” Thus, actively manned.


Empress speaks with Grandmother, to ‘feel’ out the area. (having gained her trust, looking at her craftmanship of beading. Grandmother states that there are a couple families in the area – the dad goes away, frequently but it is unknown where he goes. Empress delves deeper, and inquires for more information, regarding who else resides in the area – that is non-native. If someone should breach the Treaty – Native Military (no local base) is flown in to resolve conflict.

Smith. Johnson, Williams and Jones – families in area – that are not native. Williams and Jones do not show up in registry.


In restaurant – grocery owner conversation – “They spend a shit tone of money and we get NONE of it.” He is frustrated that pharmacy is on call for ‘them’… and also noted about air-drops… he is pulled away from the dining room.

– a man in a white coat, restaurant owner and another grocery store owner.

Pavor noted that two patrons up and leave, following the grocery owner’s outburst

– Pavor and Gritt decide to go out and get some ‘fresh air’

– good ol’ boys get in a truck – that is well maintained – good chance they are military. More than likely Mercenary. One of the guys recognizes Pavor’s stance as being military.

– Gritt, points, inside a window, at a mirror – observing a blue car – down the street, 2 guys, 1 watching the truck and 1 watching Pavor and Gritt,

Pavor – over the COM advises that we need to disperse, seperately.

One of the fellows, from the car, approaches Pavor, and pulls a badge, indicating he is Salish Military. “And you are?” Pavor’s system shares his data. The Military guy says, “Oh, you’re Military and you are a doctor. You are here on a hunting trip? Interesting.” Pavor receives a file upload request from the guy. They discuss why we are in the area – the guy suggests that Pavor speak with Ol’ Owl, a well known local Guide.

The Data file, that Pavor received – lists the families, names and partners – conclusion, what they are doing in the lab, cloning. We also sense Mr. Smith’s presence, in the file… why? It is unknown.