Type: Artifact, Elven Long Sword +1, +3 vs Undead & Night Beings
Name: Hrafn Draugr (Raven’s Ghost)
Acquired: Caves of Chaos.

Ancient beyond measure, Hrafn Draugr has been lost to time. Lost for thousands of years, it was last seen in an unrecorded battle near the ending of a war. That was over 12,000 years ago and may have not been in this World. 

Corellon Larethian is believed to have created this sword to fight the undead when a Human Empire tried to intrude upon several Elven Kingdoms. The humans used necromancy to summon up an endless stream of soldiers, and the elves became more and more desperate as the battle raged on. Eventually, Corellon answered their prayers and send down his greatest generals to help. It was the stumbling political power play of a Necromancer that let the forces of light in and lead the way to victory. The sword did not play a major part in this battle – historians think that an organized effort was made to neutralize the sword, and was successful. 

  • Appearance:

    Ivory hilt, with a white leather strap, the coin is a roaring dragon’s head, which matches cross guard. The detailing is all too real. The blade is lean and brilliant, with an old child’s prayer of protection that spirals around the length of the blade. 

  • When confronted by the undead, the blade glows gold. 

  • Powers:

    +1, +3 vs undead and Night Creatures. The blade shares information of undead, but gives no sense of distance, just that there are undead within 100 yards. Sword does +2d8 damage to the undead of any sort. +5 to all saves against powers the undead can use upon their victims. 

  • Prophesy:

    There are many legends about the sword, once is such that the user that accepts the sword may become the Chosen of Corellon. The person that is chosen will have a wreath above their head and access the sword’s abilities. 

  • Note: The Night Creatures is not clear.