Characters: Kelly – PC: Empress (Teagan)

Chantelle – PC: Jem (Bridgette)

Jocelyn – PC: Azzkee (Corrine)

Roger – PC: Pavor (Mack Bolan) – NPC

Sarah – Gritt (Indigo Thompson)

New Handler – Alvor Christianson

The Boss – Mr. Smith

Fixer – Fendrix

Old Fixer – Hex

Rigger – Rocket

NPC – Germ


A map that Pavor received from one of his peeps…. the group is determining where to breach.

Data File – Smith Family – unit 15 (women and children – husband is around every 8 days staying at some Triple Pines Lodge, Williams (wife and 1 child) same lodge, Unit 8, Jones family (no children, wife shows up every 4 days) at Dirty Face lodge (higher quality) unit 18

Jem makes arrangements with Hex to acquire lvl 6 Sound Gear. She agreed to pay an additional fee of 75CR per unit to have it ‘coyote in’. The meet is to go down on Dickins Road at 23:30

Jem picks up the gear and heads back to the lodge for midnight.

On the way through, she is greated by one of the Camp Ground guys… he advised that they are unable to assure her security if she deviates off the camp area

Jem builds bird houses that contain the sound gear that is to be mounted near each of the units.

Pavor and Azzkee establish the electronic components for the gear – Pavor includes anti-tampering element – should any of these be detected.

9:00 Pavor and Gritt are scheduled to go on a hunting trip. They take the opportunity to scout the location and feel out the location. They approach a location, and the guide explained that this was an old military research base. Guides points to the front gate – “Do you see what’s weird?”… Pavor looks via binoculars… the gate has a new lock system – but was painted to looked aged… The guide states, “Someone has moved in.” He then notes, there’s another entrance, Pavor is like, “Oooo, can I see?” they approach the area and the guide (a fellow is in his 60’s) pulls Pavor back and whispers, “Look”, “They have security and guards.” While Pavor and the guide were checking out the area, the observe one guard run out, and speak over an intercom system, “Who’s out there? Be advised this is private property and you are trespassing.” Pavor apologizes, explaining that he wanted to see the area. The guide is warned, “This is your final warning, the person you are with may not have known but you know and have been told before, this is a gov’t facility and the next time we see you, in this area, you will be charged.”

Pavor and the guide retract, back to the lodge.

Pavor provided GPS cordinates to Azzkee to the mine location, gate location and other pertinent data

Pavor plays back footage of what he witnessed, with the group. The guards are not military, rather, a private security company, Eagle. Empress confirms and notes she still has contacts with Eagle – she may pursue to gather information

Empress contacts Hex and uploads a pic from Pavor – Hex wants 300CR… done

Jensen Berns – he does work for Eagle – but for more ‘blacklist’… suspected sociopath. He has been part of Eagle for about 6yrs and enjoys killing people. He, prior, was a counter-shadow runner. He should be in jail, for murder… yet he has no criminal record. There was a bounty, on him, but at this time, backing may not there. Empress requests Hex to feel this out. Within 30 minutes, 2 groups respond. Bounty 20,000CR for the body. Empress pushes back… but the group doesn’t want to retrieve but are more than happy to pay for the body… must be identifiable.

Azzkee diner – no security system (formal) but was able to access a feed. Nothing noted

Azzkee heads to the pub – hacks the security cam footage – unable to locate Jensen, but did note that the week before, 3 men all dressed similar, very ‘hawkish’, always on alert, same hair cut, etc. Azzkee copies the data and sends it to Germ to do a facial recognition database search, suggest that he starts with Eagle, as per Empress.


Jem looks at her footage; regarding the Smith’s, Williams’ and Jones’. The only thing that stood out is there is no data for Mr. Jones.


Pavor receives COM communication – audio only, from the officer that had passed on the data file. He speaks, “Mr. Jones is MIA, if you have him, we need him back. We suspect he is being held in a warehouse 15 minutes from here. I would like to reiterate, if you have him, we NEED him back,”

Pavor and Jem feel that the police are requesting assistance…. “like what, are we black?” Azzkee suspects that the time Mr. Jones went missing fell, conveniently, upon the time we arrived. Thus, the police are suspicious of us.

After agreeing to investigate this… the group decide to pursue this, as a lead and seek out Mr. Jones

Rocket, on hand, dispatches a drone, along with a flybot. The warehouse has two guards – who are not professionals… all are Native – and are armed with rifles.


Azzkee accesses the police (local) and there was little chatter, regarding this abduction. She gains access to Military – there is a good deal of chatter, regarding this. There was a conversation regarding the fact that they need to MOVE on this…

1st warehouse – 22 people – most people are lost, with exception to a couple individuals working at a COM desk… most are dressed in hunting gear.

2nd warehouse – 0 people – but 3 vehicles

– Jem – with a Spybot is able to discern from the COM desk, that there is about 20 cameras monitoring outside… she conveys this to Azzkee.

– Empress is DYING to release this info to Anonymous. As the Military are adamant that this does NOT get out.


– Jem suggests dropping a couple Tranq grenades and knocking out the guards

– Rocket sends out another drone to scout the outside area

– Jem, in a chameleon suite, walks into the warehouse..

– FAST FORWARD through ALL the action…

Mr. Jones has been extracted – we also pick up the computers.

Pavor contacts the police officer, who states, “When you are finished with him… drop him off out back and let me know, when you do.”


Mr. Jones is a professional Grifter – he is the stay at home ‘wife’… who is not, in the least, interested in his wife. He reveals that he has a Fixer, named Ratt. His wife is due home for over the next couple days… she comes home 3 maybe 4 times a month.

Mr. Jones reveals more info regarding the other families… The Smiths, legit family, too nice… too honest, not for a Grifter. Wife – Skye Smith, April – 9, Danielle – 7, Husband Brandon – suspects he is a scientist – specializing in Cloning. Mrs. Smith suspected did too, but since retired.

Azzkee hacks COM – full control – Mr. Jones (real name – Delcan Collins) is a nosey busy body… he has a BlackMail list -w/pictures of the other families.

Fixer – Rat – website…

Mr. Jones was in the process of a Barry White “Let’s Get It On”, with Chuck, who he met on and works at the local bait shop.


Chuck Harrison – Mr. Jones is known as Elfie…

Azzkee sends a communication from COM to Chuck, from Elfie. 45Min to meet in the Gas Station restroom… turns out the Gas Station is a Gay Bar. Chuck is an Elf. Chuck is known as a ‘professional bait connoisseur’ (master baiter)

We deposit Mr. Jones at the cop shop

Jem – using her skill for impersonation/etiquette/negotiation… to convince Chuck to be interested in her… He is beyond interesting in Mz. Jem… Jem lures him, out back, in the bush…. Pavor slaps a tranq patch on ol’ Chuckie’s neck…. out like a light…


Jem wanted to use the warehouse, from earlier… but it is surrounded by police surveillance and police drones.

We, instead, went to an abandoned industrial park, up the street.

Pavor administers his psychotropic dosage, Chuck comes to, and is pliable… but the information we seek, doesn’t look promising. Despite the fact that we believe Chuck was in the middle of ‘mount and do’, when Elfie was snatched. We want to know who the abducter(s) was.

– Chuck has seen Elfie a couple dozen times, at the Gas Station. The only person to inquire about the relations… was Chuck’s Boss, Mr. Ferguson, at the Bait Store.

– Azzkee requests Germ to seek out info regarding Ferguson, in the area – Mr. Nathanial Ferguson lives in a small area, outside of the town, in a very posh location. (Address 20642 Miracle Mile and Elevanworth)

-Jem – straight to the point – “What’s your boss’s opinion on what’s going on, up the hill?” (referring the research facility)…. Chuck replies, “Mr. Ferguson isn’t overtly happy about white people in the area.” Pavor, “How much do you know about the military base?” Chuck, “I grew up here, it was something of interest, as a kid… but now, you can’t even get near it without be escorted or warned by men in black.”

Empress inquires, “Is your boss friends with the grocery store owner.” Chuck, “Mr. Carmichael, oh yeah, sure. They are pretty good friends.”

Empress and Azzkee are curious to see if the unknown man, they witnessed, when they first arrived in town, confirmed.

Empress requests data on accounting from the Bait Shop, to determine how Mr. Ferguson is so successful while other businesses are struggling to survive. Something is very suspicious. Accounting is to perfect.

Chuck starts talking and talking.. and we get a feel that Mr. Ferguson is pimping Chuck out. As Chuck has been with damn near every adult male, in town…. Despite the fact the Mr. Ferguson disagrees with Chuck’s lifestyle.


Mr. Smith submits inquiry regarding his accounting – confirmed that there is unknown sources of money being funnelled into the business. So, the question was asked, “Chuck, are you paid to date men?” He confirms, that he is ‘Call Boy’, and paid well. He also confirmed that his underage brother and another boy are working for Mr. Ferguson. (Mr. Smith speaks over com, “Stay focused, you are not here to deal with this problem.” Azzkee verifies that if Mr. Ferguson should fall to his demise, following our mission, it is A-ok – as long as it is on the D/L)

Chuck is returned the Gas Station – tranq’d again… thus, appears extremely inebriated.


Master Dave will fill in the rest… my brain stopped.