A small group compared to some, with only about 100 members. Mostly Human, although they don’t discriminate. The average member comes from a poor family, with military service and did not want to return to the farm. The average level is 1 or 2 with Officers being in the range 3 to 6. NCOs are always level 2 to 3.

The Willis-Byrd’s are said to have build this group, seeing an opportunity and respecting the integrity of the common man. 

Based out of Greyhawk. They have a ware house along the waterfront that they use as office space, staffing storage and any number of other needs. 

Leadership: Forulynn Blessedblade (Female Dwarf, Level 8, Age: 92). For, as many caller, gained leadership after the previous one was killed in a dock fight with some local thugs. Many of the members wanted to get away from that image of the dock fight thug, and she stepped up. In the last two years For has navigated better contracts, better gear, and increased the membership by 20, to the current number of a 106. For is born and breed in Greyhawks streets and carries the cred to made demands of the other members. 

Current Team with Party:

Officer: Lieutenant Kolvar Olacan. Level 4, Human Male Fighter, Age: 31
NCO: Sergeant Caeda Daeran. Level 3, Human Female Fighter, Age:29
Other party includes Fighters, 2 mages, warlock, cook and blacksmith.