Type: Long Sword +1
Name: Zankro (Blood Crow/Blood Bird)
Acquired: Kendall Keep, gifted by the Lady Zelhara Faryra

This wondrous work of art is obviously a Dwarf weapon, the fuller is lined with delicate looking dwarven runes. In an odd twist, instead of an axe this weapon was the favoured of a King’s daughter. There is a royal crown just above the cross guard. The blade is silver grey but will flash gold in the right light. Each side of the cross guard resembles a crows(?) head, while the hilt and coin are the body and head of a crow. The blade has faint and delicate feathers painstakingly carved all alone it’s surface. Each feather is different, the work is exquisite.

This weapon can NOT be broken by regular means. Special means must be used to destroy it.

The Dwarven Clan is assumed long dead. The age of the blade can not be determined.

What research they have and what they know, the sword has had many names over the decades. Why the weapon was renamed remains to be seen but such names as; Eclipse, Stormcaller, Wind, Silencer and many others.

A Paladin in the order of Heironeous was known to use this weapon just over a hundred years ago. He was a shinning example of his kind, his stories ends abruptly and without description. Lady Faryra says she found it in a troll cave further up the mountains some years ago. There was nothing else, just the sword. She never got to ask the trolls about it. At the time they called the sword “Lord’s Vengeance”.