Type: Warhammer +1
Name: Pallas
Acquired: Kendall Keep, gifted by the Lady Zelhara Faryra

This Warhammer is believed to have been made by an ancient people that warred with the Giants. The shaft and head are detailed with odd symbols and sigils that look to be of a lost giant dialect. The handle is wrapped in odd leather that never gets slick and always helps with the wielder’s grip.

What can be dug up says that it was used by an ancient order of Elite (Paladin) Giant Killers – the name has been lost to time. Much of history has been lost.

The hammer part of the weapon glows when giants are within 200 meters of it. Every three days the designs, symbols and sigils change. The patterns never repeat. What the weapon is saying, is unknown, even when using magic to read or trying to decipher the sigils. The hammer will sometimes murmur. Words that are unheard, people can catch a hint of things, a bit of a name, a pledge, or a promise. It is never clear, again magic makes no difference. It is random and does not always come with an explanation.

For example: When Perrin picked up the Warhammer and claimed it, it would have murmured, just a low sound – a promise perhaps(?) but it was out of the hearing of the best ears, but a sound nonetheless. It may murmur at night or the day, in battle or not. The murmur may mean something or not.