Name: Zelhara Faryra, Lady
Class: Fighter/Ranger
Race: Half Elf
Status: Lord
Duty: Castellan of Kendall Keep

The Lady is a proud and noble woman, that walks like a predator always on the hunt. She always dresses in a black uniform, similar to the standard soldier uniform, but when at special occasions she will dress fitting to her status and whim. She is a lovely women with keen eyes and a scary hungry smile.

She is good at her job, practices sword and bow every day and only brings out the magic gear when she has to work. She has not left the keep for some time. Duty calls.

Her Sr. Advisor is Lord Sinaht Cralee, her cousin on her Mother’s side.

This is what I was thinking for the Lady. By avvart over at Deviant Art

Lady Zelhara Faryra