This remote keep is approximately four days south of Safeton (by horse), and is the property of the Willis-Byrd’s. The keep is on a high outcrop of stone with an excellent view of the area. Although the fort is in excellent shape, it has seen better days. At it’s height it had 200 soldiers stationed here, but time has not been kind to the soldiers and residence. Now there may be 80 soldiers, including Rangers, that still work there.

Rumour: There are only about 30 soldiers left at the keep. The soldiers and administration say otherwise, but faces are well known and there are not 80 faces. The Keep Lord has his favourite eight, so that count may be closer to 40.


The keep is possibly 120 years old, maybe older. About 40 years ago the keep was (re)discovered by Willis-Byrd while wondering the countryside. He claimed it and rebuilt it and secured the country side. He lived there for 10 years, married and had a several children. Eventually he tired of the remoteness of the location and moved his Family to Greyhawk. He left his, protege in charge, Lady Zelhara Faryra, whom is still the Castellan.

The keep is well appointed with an inn, tavern, warehouse for merchants to store their goods, stable, temple and guild hall. The people love the keep but would like to see more business travelling their way. In recent years the keep has become a rarely visited location.

Buying & Selling at the Keep

Due to the remote nature of the keep, expect items to only fetch a 25% to 30% value. Even then the buyer may try to barter down the price. Some items they may not buy at all (monster’s weapons and armour for example).

See Wealth & Money
See Kendall Keep Job Board.

Special Officers/Individuals:

Military So far:

  • Lieutenant: Emry Blake. Human. Cultured, late 30’s. Smart & well educated. Handsome and seems to know his job.
  • Staff Sergeant: James Weil. Tough, brisk, good at his job, experienced. Soldiering from an early age. Full beard and lots of hair.
  • Corporal: Hardegin Farshaper. Young, handsome and personable. The Farshaper name is linked with a legendary necromancer that is a Lich… present tense.
  • Ranger: Sr Ranger Martien Crafir. Human, older (55), well versed in his job, and ready to retire.

Keep Locations:

Private Apartments (7/7a/7b): These can be rented through the Keep staff or the Guild Hall.

Smithy and Armorer (8): Gropner Vixril (Human, age 37) runs this place with his two apprentices Amlah (Human Female, age 19) and Avefaen (Human Female, age 16). His prices are 20% above norm due to the current problems with trade. He makes average quality products and has the Keep Contract to arm the soldiers. He and the girls live upstairs. He has a small shop in the front of the smithy with a modest collection of goods.

Provisoner (9): Perdar Morningfolk (Human, age 41) is a widower, his wife passed away last year of an unknown illness. He is a happy enough fellow but those that know him know he is hurting. Perdar has made himself busy with life and the business. He is in the process of adapting a young boy that was found wondering the woods a few weeks ago.

Trader (10): Varis Crajor is an energetic Human (age 31) with a million ideas for businesses and ventures. He took over the Trader shop when his mother passed away 3 years ago. He is polite and reasonably honest. He is a good one for seeing opportunity when others see nothing.

Loan Bank (11): Richben Eilkain (Human, age 51) and his wife Therrien (Human, age 47) run the bank like any well organized business. Both are fastidious and always many steps ahead. They run storage vaults and even have a few things for the Lady. Richben has two girls on the side, that Therrien knows about, and seems fine with. They have a 12 year old daughter, Saralia (Human Female), and live in one of the larger apartments in the Keep.

Fountain Square (13): Lovely fountain donated by the Willis-Bryds.

Travellers Tavern (15)/Travellers Inn (14): And old and well kept Inn. Great love has gone into just about everything within the inn. Run by Daniel Troke (human, husband, age 49), Myra Troke (human, wife, age 49), Murdo Troke (human, son, age 19), Selina Troke (human, daughter, age 15). Murdo works in the stables but wants to go and adventure, but may have to settle for the Guard. Selina is a serving wench and has no aspirations.

Guild House/Hall (16): Built to support the stead flow of merchants, craters and artisans that used to travel the road.  The hall is a business and behaves as such. It expects 5% of the total value of all merchant’s goods, and offers rooms for those staying the night. Rooms are 3gp a night, but that includes 3 meals. They have a small library on the 3rd floor. Second floor is offices and meeting rooms. Main floor is information and common/casual rooms and a den. Guild Library & Scribe: Dawn Farsy (human, male, 40ish)

Chapel (17): Father Chrisroth Eilfaren (Human, Cleric, age 49) has been the priest for several years. He is a old Warrior tired of the ways of the World, but he feels a rumbling and knows something is wrong. Recently two of his Novices proved to be servants of evil and he is now working on reclaiming what he sees as his lost honour.

Outside the Keep

As we quickly discussed I decided to follow the advice of others and add about 150 people to the area around the keep. These people are support staff and farmer. Many of the men farm while the women find work in the keep. Of late, much work has been barter and trade. Which many of the farmers are fine with.

Here is a map, originally done up by Drew Williams for his campaign, that I think will help make more sense. JPG Map.