The caves are ancient things, their intent long lost and forgotten. Once the Followers of Light forgot them, darker creatures moved in, claiming the region as their own. inevitably, darker things move in.

The caves as the players see them. Borrowed from RPG Net.

Caves of Chaos - With locations

A. Kobold Caves

  1. Guardroom – fought 6 kobolds
  2. Rat Room – fought 6 rats
  3. Food Stores
  4. Guard Room – Kobold elite
  5. Chiefs Room
  6. Common room
    Met and old Kobold and he gave the group 40 gp to leave them alone. Also told the party that most of the other caves had orcs. He did point out that the K location had the evil.

Kobald Cave

K. Evil Priests Lair

Party successfully confronted the evil priest and destroyed him.

Return to the Caves

The party has returned with 20 mercs and supplies with the intent of destroying or displacing all the inhabitants of the Caves. They have also brought a small party of priests to help clean the mess of the evil influence that has lived in the caves for some years. Rumour has it that Priest Pennin wants to claim one of the caves as her own…