Loftwick is more a Guild than anything else. The city works and supports the Wizards without realizing what is really happening. Issue at large is, fear of the wizards. Being justified or not, so many fear the wizards the Guild turned away from the community. Recently, with the help of the Party, the Wizards have made an active effort to return and turn their image around. The people seem receptive. Recently a Illithid attack was slowed by the active efforts of the local wizards and many people know this. 

Lord Magus Ailas Beirmaris | Elder Mage of Loftwick Mage Guild.
Has been the head of the Fine Crafters College for over 30 years. He is a High Elf. He portrays himself as a snooty arrogant prick, when in realty he is far from it. Those that know him find him caring and understanding with an unexpected empathy. He spent many years adventuring and was happy to find a place to call Home. He loves Loftwick and enjoys the various peoples that live there.

Recently the Guild High Council was 12 seats, but was recently lowered to eight, including the Lord Magus. 

Left Seat: Dak Qinhana – Wood Elf – F – 278 yrs – Wizard 12. Second in Command.

Right Seat: Darfin Biran – High Elf – M – 184 yrs – Wizard 10. Sits in if Left Seat is absent. 

Council Members:

  1. Manna Loramyar – Human – F – 79 yrs – Wizard 7.
  2. Lindris Gresandoral – Human – F – 84 yrs – Wizard 4.
  3. Ivefaen Torro – Human – F – 67 yrs – Wizard 4/Bard 3.
  4. Isalaurel Sylfiel – High Elf – F – 389 yrs – Wizard 12.
  5. Grimald Butcher – Halfling – M – 57 yrs – Wizard 6.
  6. Skaforlug Stormsword – Dwarf – F – 92 yrs – Wizard 8.
  7. Deddniss – Gnome – M – 110 yrs – Cleric 9.
  8. Toross Olarie – Half Elf – M – 61 yrs – Wizard 6.

If there is a dead lock in a vote, a outside body named Sarisra will be called in to vote. No one knows who Sarisra is, other then the Lord Magus.