This is the list of the current party, and active NPCs.

Alick Silverbrook, level 6, Wood Elf Cleric of Hanali Celanil.

Garin, level 6, Wood Elf Wizard.

Tasar Qinhana, level 6, Wood Elf Bard

NPC List

Grey, level 6, Halfling  Rogue. Leader of the Loftwick Thieves Guild. Has an unhealthy attraction to Garin. Status: Considered a party member.

Ruven Caisys, level 5, High Elf Eldritch Knight. Status: Considered a party member.

Fisher, level 2 Wood Elf Ranger. Servant to Ruven. Status: Considered a party member.

Taanden Tahromael

Erisia Camaen