The PLAN! For Jurnre

In the first six weeks the party will find a way to shave 150 GP off the weekly bribes and expenses.

Events that happen in general

  1. party finds that the Fat Slob is given 500gp/wk. 100gp is for living expenses.
  2. There are some minor conversations between Issa and those that received money. Issa had a few fights.
  3. The tone at the house has changed greatly. Lista and Tarue are in much better frames of mind. Having compared their old master with that of swimming with a hungry shark. After several weeks the party finds that Lista (House Mistress) is being courted by man that delivers their food stuff.
  4. Week 2: Tarue has started to be tutored
  5. Week 4: Jevak (Garin’s family butler) shows up to body guard Garin.

Alick will do what he always does. He will go to the poor areas and heal and help.

  1. Week 1: the community is strange and don’t trust Alick.
  2. Week 2: His ongoing healing and restorations start to break down community worry.
    1. Some thugs try to take his money and are beaten senseless by Issa.
  3. Week 3: People are starting to show up meet him. His consistency in locations helps the people build up a sense of trust. Councillor (Lady) Qilon Genqen starts to actively seek out Alick for his aid and company.
    1. Some elements of the local temple of Heironeous are angry at Alick’s free use of spells. They feel he should be charging something for them. They do not attack or try to hurt him, just show their anger at his willingness to screw with their incomes.
    2. Alick’s Faiths Local Temple (Hanali Celanil) realize that Alick is of status and take his example to help the poor and funnel money and young Acolytes through his efforts.
  4. Week 4: Alick and Issa are attacked by a pack of thugs.
    1. Later it is discovered that 2 of which are Paladins from the Church of Syrul. Issa may have killed the two offending Paladins. Maybe.
  5. Week 5: Alick gains a small collection of St. Cuthbert Squires. Many are not certain what to do as they come well off Families. Many are more than willing to learn. They start to build up their communities and help with living quarters.
  6. Week 6: More and more people of rank seem to be riding Alick’s coat tails. Alick starts to use some of the donated moneys to buy small healing potions (1d2/8gp/ea.) which seems to appease several of the temples upset by the loss of income.

A disguised Tasar is trying to get the Fat Slob in shape. He is doing Martial Exercise with Issa in this regard and changed his diet and has some magical aid. Math wise this is all a lie but we are aiming for 2.5 pounds a day.

Waiting on Giren to come back so we can get the meeting with the Shadow Entity done.