Garin’s (PC) has been steadily collecting apprentices. 

  • Erisia Camaen – High elf, Level 1 wizard – 28 yrs. She is of the Camaen family, a very well-off family with a long history in Magic. Her Family is said to have connections with the Summer Court. L1
  • Taanden Tahromael – Wood Elf, Cleric level 1 – 19 yrs., of Erevan Ilesere (God of mischief). Her history is connected to Grey. She feels that she owes Grey her life. Path of the Trickster. L1
  • Tarue – Half Elf, heading for Level 1 wizard – 19 yrs. If you ask her mother, Tarue was a mistake, and because of her there was no future for her Mum. Tarue is young and lovely and intelligent. She was currently working as a handmaid in Jurnre. Grandmum is Lista (49 year old Human).