Type: Legendary Spear+2
Name: Teanga Dóiteáin/Fire Tongue
Acquired: Gift from Macha for returning Badb suit of armour.

This ancient spear has been around for so long that even its builder, Goibniu, has forgotten when he created Teanga Dóiteáin.

Teanga Dóiteáin is lovely, with its long white wood shaft and silver battle spearhead. At 6 feet long, it is an impressive and intimidating weapon. Runes and swirls cover the length of the shaft. The spearhead is split with four nasty blades. A three-foot length of red cloth is tied to the base of the spearhead. Embroidered in the ribbon is an ancient prayer in Sylvan, ‘The sorrows revealed, I lay them at your feet.”

  • Who created this item?

    It is believed that Goibniu did.

  • What is a detail from its history?

    Bane: This weapon was made to kill the Unseelie. +3d6 dam to Unseelie.

  • What Minor Property Does it Have?

    Language: Wielder speaks Sylvan, Elvish, Fey Troll. Strange Materials. The party is uncertain, as are other experts, what the weapon is made of. The weapon is unbreakable. Song Craft: When any foe is struck all people within 20 feet will hear snippets of ancient songs. 

  • What Quirk Does it Have?

    Repulsive. When around Unseelie the wielder feels an intense repulsion.