Name: Brass Hawks
Organisation: Greyhawk Military (Extranational)
Loyalty: Greyhawk
Base of Operations: Based in the Capital city of Greyhawk
Theatre: Areas of Interest to Greyhawk
Relation: Leona Jeska

The Brass Hawks are part of the Greyhawk Extranational Military. They have a long and illustrious history. Depending upon whom you talk to far to many dark actions, many not recorded. 

The Brass Hawks work exclusively in areas of great interest to the sprawling City State of Greyhawk. Like any great State, the city needs trade. Those trade routes may need to be secured, even when not inside Greyhawk borders. This is were the Brass Hawks come in. The Brass Hawks have worked in many parts of the world, running regular patrols, counter bandit activities and much more. 

Although their public duties are always to secure roads, their unofficial duties are to dig out bandits, destroy orc tribes in an area and to protect citizens at all cost. 

Rarely are the Brass Hawks called back to Greyhawk City.

When operating within the borders of Greyhawk, all members must wear their military emblem (Brass Hawk, of course) and rank Belts. While working outside State borders, they are expected to remove the Emblems of their country and display no national connections what-so-ever.

In many instance the Brass Hawks are made up of orphans and castoffs. In truth, anyone can join the Brass Hawks, you simply have to pass the testing.

Make up: While the majority of members are Rangers, other Classes are represented.