A second thieves guild was being funded to to challenge the much older and disorganized thieves guild currently run by Grey. They have since been used by the local bad guys as sacrifices to call an ancient evil or have been captures and locked into a magical jail. 

  • Male Wood Elf – Blond, green eyes, leather cloths. Glass/L6 Rogue. (Leader) – Currently alive and in prison. 
  • Human Male – Blond Hair, blue eyes. Austin Siren/L5 Barbarian – Currently alive and in prison.
  • Female Hill Dwarf – Dark hair, full beard, loves her lovers. Skod Bronzeguard/L4 Cleric – Dead
  • Female High Elf – Deep red cloths, dark hair, brown eyes. Tiffy Gretris/L6 Wizard – Dead
    • Like many mages she has a different work name: Elgaran Mellowgold
    • Found dead and crucified on the back wall of the Blade Guild.