Name: Izsin Wynelis
Class: Wizard
Race: Human
Status: Master Sage/Eldar Wizard
Duty: Librarian/Advisor at Kendall Keep

Izsin is an oddity, a human that looks in his late 50’s, maybe even early 60’s, and yet he talks with a depth on topics like a person that has been there. Possibly because he has. With the aid of Longevity Potions, Izsin has manged to live for just over 228 years. But that has come with a price. Although this great thinker and historian has been many places and seen many things, there is a limit to what you can do to the human body. Dementia seems to be setting in. He also seems unaware of it. He is forgetful and gets annoyed when others point it out. He has yet to be violent and is still as brilliant as he ever was, but the reality will quickly settle and this great man will be lost in a cloud.

Izsin’s life has been one of adventure and exploration. As a youth, growing up in Greyhawk, he saw the inequality of Life, as brilliant as he was, no one would take him on a student because his family was poor. He refused his station and bullied, begged, cajoled and bribed his way into school. 12 years later he was a Wizard of the First Rank and literally ran out into the world. He was well into his life when he met Lord Willis and Lady Byrd, and became their Wizard. Some time ago he retired to the Keep to help in it’s administration.

Most of the books and scrolls in the library are his.

He works in conjunction with Lord Sinaht Cralee and has no issue taking a second set to the younger wizard. Although he enjoys saying that. Sinaht does find the humour in it.

He has always liked and cared for the Lady Zelhara Faryra, and treats her like a grandchild. Both Sinaht and Zelara are all to aware of deterioration of their good friend. They have even called for help in many corners of the land.

He is helpful and easily interested. His curiosity knows no bounds.

He has never met Lord Jorg Willis-Byrd.