Name: Sinaht Cralee, Lord
Class: Wizard
Race: High Elf
Title: Wizard/Advisor
Duty: Sr. Advisor at Kendall Keep

Sinaht took the job only a few years ago, when the previous advisor died of natural causes. Although a sad passing the old advisor had a long and good life. Sinaht has been wondering for the last 200 years and took the chance to settle down for a bit, doll out some advice and further his research. The keep is a busy place, even when it is not busy.

Sinaht was originally from Greyhawk, and left out of boredom to explore with a pack of his friends. Many have died from old age or on the job, and Sinaht is feeling the pangs of lost companionship, this has lead him to seek out like minded people to share stories with or even just to feel more normal. He will not leave his duty till Lady Zelhara Faryra releases him.

Lady Zelhara Faryra is a cousin to Sinaht.