Status: Noble
Origins: City of Greyhawk
Mission: Scion Gone Missing

Lady Zara Willis-Byrd, is a surprisingly spry human in her early 150s. She still retains much of her early beauty and has been consistent in her education and exploration. Many people think she is a Wizard but many are scared of her Family’s reach. Zara is brilliant and has a soft spot for the needy. When Safeton’s economy crashed, she left her safe home in Greyhawk to help the citizens of the wayward city.

Zara is a strong supporter of St. Cuthbert, and when she took on this persona crusade, the Church felt it was important to send along an Elder Cleric and four of their top Paladin.

The Paladins are active in the city and have shaken the branches of greed pretty hard.

Zara is honest, trustworthy and forthright. Her son is Jorg Willis-Byrd.