Status: Monk (Nun) of Heironeous – Employed by the Party
Origins: Greyhawk
Mission: N/A

Tatha is a working Nun. She has serviced the sick and needy, fought orcs and goblins and has even been mortally wounded. She has never lost her way. Till she talked to a young Paladin looking for a meal. She never really understood his cause, but she understood that he had something he needed to fix. She wanted to fight and kick ass instead of sit and guard a temple. She followed him and is now employed by the Party.

If people spend sometime paying attention, they can easily see that she is taken by Sir Derron (Bull) Leeran. He on the other hand is oblivious to her attentions. He calls her Sister all the time and is very proud of her, but that seems to be the limit for him.

Character Sheet: PDF Level 3, PDF Level 4.

Sort of my vision of Tatha. Artists unknown, but here is the Pintrest page.

Sister Tatha Faris