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Historical Figures of Note

The following is a list of those individuals mentioned within the Gazetteer who although now deceased (or assumed to be deceased) had an impact on Onnwal during their lifetime. Any titles that the individual may have possessed are noted in brackets after their name

Adriali Herzagmor. An Aerdi sea captain slain by Coran Calimbore for command of his vessel prior to the formation of the Iron League.

Ansend Cadwalle (Duke of the Azure Coast). Slain while he slept along with his wife and three sons by Brotherhood assassins.

Arinohal (Kesh of Harlton Hill). Slain during the liberation of the village by rebel forces.

Azharadian. Legendary Aerdi general who conquered Onnwal. He died in the western Headlands.

Berat Regor (Kesh of Swallowfeld). Drowned during the liberation of Swallowfled. Body never recovered.

Blidg Fanger. Notorious pirate based in Blue who was hunted down by the Onnwalish navy in 578 CY. All his vessels were sunk and the majority of his crews were either captured or killed but his body was never recovered.

Burisan Stormseeker. Founder of the Stormseekers, a cult dedicated to Procan based in Sornhill. Members believe that to properly commune with Procan they must sail directly into the storms that periodically wrack the Gearnat. Disappeared after sailing into a storm on the Gearnat about a century ago.

Gerris Cadwale. One of the four War Captains of Azharadian who given portions of Onnwal to rule.

Chekar. Leader of the only known attempt to gain access to Sorn’s Hill.

Coran Calimbore. The naval commander after whom the Sea Eagle is named. The title originally won by Coran has also been adopted as the appellation for the commander of both Onnwalish fleets.

Redmennd Coriell. One of the four War Captains of Azharadian who given portions of Onnwal to rule.

Cyrannden Darstyne. Aerdi mage who founded the Aerie in 76 CY.

Damalinor Naelax. Leader of the South Province during the rebellion of 446/447 CY.

Delmad Edanis (Lord; Sea Eagle of the Azure). Slain by Brotherhood assassins during the occupation of Onnwal. Appointed to his position by Ewerd Destron.

Delvan Gasparan. Head of the faith of Procan he slew himself and many Brotherhood troops by drowning the temple in Killdeer with an immense tidal wave.

Craylest Destron. One of the four War Captains of Azharadian who given portions of Onnwal to rule.

Duvend Cadwalle (Baron of Azurond). Fell defending Longbridge against the attacks of the Brotherhood.

Ehlissa (Queen). The famed ancient enchantress said to have owned a marvellous magical bird of subtle enchantments. She reputably lived 17 centuries ago when she ruled a Flannish kingdom in the vicinity of the present-day Kingdom of Ahlissa from which the Oeridian kingdom gets its name.

Elias Maldrenn (Lord; Sea Eagle of the Gearnat). Slain by Brotherhood assassins during the occupation of Onnwal. Erian Garendtar. The first Szek of Onnwal, he was an exceptional administrator. He oversaw the founding of Scant and the other regional capitals.

Ewerd Destron. Father of Jian Destron and the Szek of Onnwal when that country fell to the machinations of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Ewerd was slain by an assassin’s blade during the fall of Scant and his body displayed before the gates of the city. In some texts his name appears as “Elverd”.

Garantheuld. A great Flannish warrior king who fought the invading Onnwi after the Great Migrations. He founded the land of Vaerwal somewhere in the Dragonshead peninsula and was one of the final chieftains to fall before the Suel. He is still revered today in song and tale by many a bard.

Golomus Zelthred. Leader of the merchant family Zelthred, Golomus was slain during the Brotherhood invasion.

Halend Coriell (Duke of the Eastern Marchlands). Present at the Battle of a Thousand Banners during which he saved the life of Vorengund, Theign of Vergannin.

Harnshir Jarome’s. Shipwright of Sornhill slain in the Occupation.

Holgarn (Duke of the Storm Coast). The first to carry this title Holgarn also married Lady Lindera (qv).

Holy Censor of Medegia. The ruler of Medegia to the east he was last reported to be suffering the Unending Death below Rauxes.

Jian Relaster. Glaive Superior of the Order of the Golden Sun. Killed by Brotherhood assassins.

Kosrel (Duke of the Storm Coast). Father of the previous duke and a powerful mage.

Latmac Ranold (Prince). The ruler of the Lordship of the Isles replaced by Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti during the Greyhawk Wars.

Leinand Dernaster (Baron of the Iron March). Leinand’s fate (and that of his family) remains unknown. Last seen fleeing Onnwal aboard the Pegasus.

Lindera (Lady). Known as the White Witch of Sornhill; she married Holgarn the first Duke of the Storm Coast.

Nasran Cranden. The first Overking of the Great Kingdom, he proclaimed Universal Peace throughout his realm and instigated the Common Year (CY) system of dating.

Parmus Destron. The first Szek to preside over a free and independent Onnwal.

Pirraen Relaster (Baron Saltirn). Cousin to Jian Relaster, Pirraen led the Resistance to the Brotherhood along the Storm Coast until he was captured and burnt to death in Sornhill’s marketplace.

Holgarn Relaster. One of the four War Captains of Azharadian given portions of Onnwal to rule.

Schandor. Ancient Aerdi Lawmaker responsible for the original set of laws for the Great Kingdom, many of which are still used in Free Onnwal.

Sorn. A Dwur hero of antiquity who was killed in the final battle fought to rid the peninsula of humanoids.

Tellendarn. The High-Priest of Pholtus and Prime of Onnwal who was martyred by being burnt alive with many of his followers by priests of Pyremius.

Trevellyn of Hexpools (Prince). Ruler of Onnwal during the rebellion of 446/7 CY.

Tunneling Duke, the. This individual was responsible for the networks of passages and tunnels under the Cadwale estates outside Longbridge.

Vergaduin “The Fallen”. The slain warrior of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast, lain to rest in Vergannin he was slain by Awran Bloodweaver.

Yabay Ren. Assistant to Telek Senh he was one of the most influential priests in Scant until he was slain by persons unknown in 590 CY.

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