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Personages of Note

Andera. A minor member of the Office of Faith who has been installed as the High Priestess of Osprem in Scant.

Ara Lattaras. Leader of the faith of Syrul in Onnwal.

Archbold. The previous monarch of Nyrond he was the third to bear that name. Archbold has now abdicated in favour of his son, Lynwerd.

Ariah Teldur. One of the Teldur sisters, Ariah is a sorcerer.

Athania. Athania is Teleks “right hand man” in Scant and a formidable spell caster in her own right.

Avedis Kelzenn. An old priest dedicated to Pholtus who subscribes to the more tolerant, traditionalist way of worship.

Awran Bloodweaver. A Flan chieftain of the Headlands.

Baernen Kelldas (Glaive Valorous). Brother to Baron Joren Kelldas of Fallnos Vale; A Glaive Valorous of the Order of the Golden Sun.

Baerian Vangaer. This doughty cheerful warrior is the leader of the gnomes of the Headlands.

Baeren Coriell (Duke of the Eastern Marchlands and Seneschal of the East). The only Duke to survive the Brotherhoods assault Coriell can be found in Irongate agitating for more assistance from that city state. Prior to the Wars he ruled the Eastern Marchlands.

Baren Harnsheer. A bitter old man of mixed Suel and Oeridian heritage, Baren travels the isles of Onnwal stirring up resentment against Wuthur the Wild.

Barrend Desharn. A young marine commander in charge of the detachment at Sornhill Barrend led the only Resistance against the Brotherhood forces in that area. Unfortunately he fell in a valiant rearguard action on the docks while allowing a single packed vessel to flee.

Barund Laramore (High Tradepriest). Leader of the faith of Zilchus.

Bigby. One time resident of Scant and member of the Circle of Eight. A native of Oldridge, a town in the western portion of the old Great Kingdom, which he was forced to flee in 573 CY.

Black Kristoph. Feared throughout the area, Kristoph is a vicious, sadistic man consumed with hatred for those who practise magic. He has much magical treasure including the spellbooks of those mages he has slain.

Boruphus “The Merchant”. Member of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast and a Dwurish follower of Zilchus.

Breal Geremak. The previous leader of the faith of Osprem in Onnwal; her fate remains a mystery.

Brinia Earthshadow. Brinia tends the shrine dedicated to Jascar in Scant.

Calrinn Dernail. Heir to the baronial seat of Low Bergard, she comes of age in three years.

Calwenn Dernail (Baroness of Low Bergard). Currently holding the baronial title so that her daughter Calrinn can succeed in three years when she comes of age.

Carthan Relaster (Sea Eagle). This aggressive, indomitable mariner commands the Sornhill squadron of Onnwal’s navy.

Cathera of Ogburg. Leader of the Pholtites in Sornhill.

Celdirn Yarrowstone. Mayor of High Bergard in Gilderond.

Celendren. A one time apprentice of Bigby; rumoured to be influential in the Free Onnwal movement.

Ceriam Grathenn. Priest of the faith of Zilchus, he is busily trying to re- establish trade routes around Sornhill.

Cobb Darg (Lord Mayor). Surprisingly little is known about the background of the Lord Mayor of Irongate. Unmatched as a politician and in his understanding of intrigue and deception Cobb Darg was not fooled by the aid sent to his realm by the Brotherhood. His subjects, both humans and Dwur are extremely loyal to this old man who has kept Irongate independent for over 15 years.

Danvirius Soron. Hugely popular leader of the Breakers. A very skilled warrior famed for his deeds and his sentient broad sword.

Degan Corlennd (Sea Eagle). This competent mariner commands the Killdeer Squadron of Onnwal’s navy.

Derl Galthrena. Leader of the merchant house of Galthrena.

Dorlan Maldrenn (Glaive Martial). Son of Baron Keirnal and a Glaive of the Order of the the Golden Sun.

Dreyan Manasar. The leader of Osprem’s faith in Sornhill.

Elias Relho. High Priest of Xerbo and a Brotherhood collaborator.

Ellinka Vanar. Member of the Breakers and a formidable warrior. A former Onnwalish marine.

Ement Naersaul. Captain of the Peryton. He hails from Idee.

Elverd Coriell (Baron of the Dwur March). Survived the invasion by fleeing to Vergannin. A vocal advocate of Dwurish intervention in the struggle.

Erian Tournavil. A mage and would be singer who dwells in Sornhill.

Erveg Kosral. Leader of the faith of Jascar.

Fabriga Farwanderer. The current leader of the Waymen of the Storm Coast, a merchant consortium dealing in the importing of wood for ship building.

Frolmar Ingetskatti (Prince). Leader of the lordship of the Isles after a coup during the Greyhawk Wars.

Garamon Relaster. (Baron of Norland). Saielma Relaster’s oldest surviving sibling – lost in the Lortmil Mountains in 591 CY.

Garthubald Neranden. Garthubald is the Viceroy of the Saernedd Isles. He operates from Port Saerwen on behalf of the Kingdom of Ahlissa.

Gellen Cadwale (Glaive Virtuous). The most senior survivor of the Order of the Golden Sun. Also the Duke-Apparent of the Azure Coast after the death of his brother and cousin and their heirs. Appears in some texts as Gellan.

Gerden Treda. High Priest of Norebo.

Geril Teldur. One of the Teldur sisters, Geril is a skilled warrior.

Gershimon Iilinski. Shipwright of Sornhill blinded by the Brotherhood.

Glarathred the Golden. Leader of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast, this Dwur warrior is a follower of Fortubo.

Glimworth. A skilled illusionist and member of Whiteburrow and Glimworth.

Goody Whiteburrow. Half of Whiteburrow and Glimworth this Hobniz is a multi- skilled fighter/thief.

Halden Dernail. Brother-in-law to Calwenn Dernail; rumoured to covet his sister- in-law’s title.

Halrend Lorendrenn (Baron Dunheern; Glaive Valourous). Fought with distinction in Idee during the Wars and is the leader of the factions of the Order of the Golden Sun opposed to Gellen Cadwale.

Halshas Geldrenn (Baron of Silverdale). First cousin, and only living relative of Jian Destron. One of only four Cantred rulers to survive the initial attack of the Brotherhood. Walks with a limp sustained during the Brotherhood’s attempt on his life. Retook his lands during the Brewfest rebellion. Skilled at using guerrilla tactics.

Hazaraz Skullsplitter. Commander of the rebel forces in Sornhill.

Hazendel (King). The multi-talented Olven ruler of Sunndi.

Helana Galthrena. Daughter of Derl Galthrena and his successor.

Heramall Senned. Leader of the Trithereonites in Sornhill.

Hilar Sharn. Leader of the faith of Llerg in Onnwal.

Holshend Wildren. Leader of the faith of Procan.

Ara Lattaras. An infamous pirate.

Indal Nollaf. Leader of the Suel sect of Lydia.

Iseln Guiral. The current leader of the Stormseekers.

Janisar. Leader of the Brotherhood faith of Bralm in Sornhill. Her fate remains unknown.

Japher Burcen. Captain of the caravel Berei’s Bounty.

Jarwar Highflame. The head of the faith of Joramy.

Ara Lattaras. Leader of the faith of Mayaheine; currently based in Sornhill.

Jenna Bergal. Leader of the faith of Wee-Jas in Onnwal.

Jerrul Bardens. Leader of the Fellowship of the Coin, a group of warriors devoted to Lord of Coin.

Jian Destron (Szek of the Free State of Onnwal). Along with Rakehell Chert Jian Destron is the leader of the Resistance movement in Onnwal. The son of Ewerd Destron (the assassinated Szek) he is the last of his line. Trained in military history and tactics from a young age he has inherited his father’s military acumen and tactical planning. A not unskilled warrior Jian survived the conquest of his country and retreated to southern Nyrond to consolidate his position. He dearly wishes to see his father avenged and his country free again. Never much of a diplomat or scholar on matters other than military studies and history he relies on a small circle of advisors for assistance in other matters. A hunted man by the Brotherhood, Jian in constantly on the move around Onnwal.

Johran Teven (Kesh). Johran is a priest of Xerbo and is the Kesh of the Storm Isles. He is known to be a fanatic.

Jokra of Blue. A half orc pirate.

Joren Kelldas (Baron of Fallnos Vale). One of only four Cantred rulers to survive the initial attack of the Brotherhood. Hunted by the Brotherhood he found refuge with the survivors of House Faskel.

Jornal Surearm. Member of the Wreckers in Sornhill.

Kalderon Faskel (Baron of High Headland). Forced from his ancestral lands by Hochebi he returned in 586 CY. Controls the platinum mines at Notil.

Kelen the Grey. Member of the Greenleaf Society, his family was taken from him during the Occupation. He has since joined the rebellion.

Keirnal Maldrenn (Baron of Gearnwal). Head of the house of Maldrenn who rule Gearnwal on the Storm Coast. His fief still occupied, Keirnal is the brother of the slain baron. He has a son – Sir Dorlan Maldrenn.

Kiral Kackrov. A brash young invoker. Resident of Sornhill and member of the rebellion.

Kekarav Madi (Kesh of Sornhill). The former Kesh of Sornhill, Kekarav Madi’s last confirmed sighting was aboard the Scarlet Death, as that warship fled Sornhill after the brief rebel siege that retook the town. Kekarav Madi is thought to be a priest of some kind although his patron deity is not known. He is currently thought ot be resident in the hill along the west arm of Notxia Bay with his Hochebi forces.

Kerlan Arrand (Tradepriest). The second in charge of the faith of Zilchus.

Kiren Gronas. Leader of the faith of Pyremius in Onnwal.

Kuranyie (Sister). Exalted Sister Kuranyie is the leader of the Brotherhood in Onnwal and is a dangerous and vicious woman. Given her command by the Father of Obedience himself she will stop at nothing to do what needs to be done to maintain her grip on Scant. The subject of at least two assassination attempts Kuranyie is strongly warded by various items of power and is known to be a monk of considerable ability.

Larea Farmoor. A wealthy merchant of Onnwal she is 5’2” tall, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is slightly overweight. She views the struggle against the Brotherhood as futile. She is currently based in Scant.

Maren Vidkho. A priest of Xerbo who assisted the rebels in retaking Sornhill form the Brotherhood. Currently under guard in the Red Tower for his own protection

Maranefel Toktot (Kesh of Scant). The Kesh of Scant is perhaps one of the most brutal members of the regime in Onnwal. Responsible for keeping the population of Scant in line, Maranefel carries out his duties with a passion that many find chilling. Maranefel is the second most powerful member of the Brotherhood in Onnwal with all the other Kesh reporting to him. Reputed to be a powerful mage he has taken up residence in a tower overlooking the harbour of Scant that belonged to Bigby

Margatha Teldur. One of the Teldur sisters, Margatha is a skilled rogue.

Marya Jernal. Leader of Osprem’s faith in exile based in Killdeer.

Milos Faskel (Glaive Martial). Son of Lord Kalderon. Thought to be romantically involved with Natalia Keldas. Milos Relaster (Baron of Saltirn). A cousin of the slain duke of the Strom Coast and Wallac Relaster. He fled to Irongate during the occupation. Member of the Greenleaf Society.

Morrev Ironseeker. A Dwur sage, once based in Scant, who specialises in the study of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Morathor Muamman. This is small, hunchbacked Dwur is the head of Muamman and Sons Company. He refuses to deal with the Scarlet Brotherhood or Ahlissa and tries to stay out of the current problems citing them as a human problem.

Nalila “The Blessed”. Member of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast and priestess of Berronor.

Naile the Wanderer. A young Nyrondese priest who leads the faith of Trithereon in Onnwal. He defers on many things to the old priest Sarlen Freeman.

Natalia Keldas. Eldest daughter of Joren Keldas. Rumoured to be marrying Sir Milo Faskel.

Niara Telk. A diviner attached to the forces of Hazaraz. Possibly romantically involved with the Skullsplitter.

Onrulf (The Smith Prince). A skilled Dwur weaponsmith and inhabitant of Sornhill.

Ovraim “The Spy”. Thief and member of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast.

Palim Loban. Leader of the faith of Bralm in Onnwal.

Patriis Monir. Shipwright of Sornhill.

Purcunnd Kerondas (Shining Paragon). Leader of the Church of Pholtus in Onnwal, he has embraced the intolerant creeds of the Pholtines of the Theocracy of the Pale. Rakehell Chert. One of the leaders of the Resistance, and the leader of the Wreckers, Chert is one of the most powerful individuals in Onnwal today. With personal skills bordering on the superlative, Chert is an experienced adventurer who originally gained his reputation in and around his native Hexpools. Gravitating to Onnwal, Scant became home. His ambition and skills quickly led him to claim leadership of the Wreckers. Rakehell’s skills have been in much demand in the past. Even Tenser (then of the Circle of Eight) used him to assist in the retrieval of the Crook of Rao prior to the Greyhawk Wars. Rakehell has been the subject of several assassination attempts by the Brotherhood and to guard against this he maintains an extensive array of disguises and decoys. Few apart from old adventuring companions know his true appearance.

Randolf of Sornhill. A merchant based in Sornhill.

Reydrich (Prince). A powerful archmage who seized control of the South Province at the end of the Greyhawk Wars. Responsible for the liberation of Idee from the Brotherhood and the death of many of Sister Kuranyie’s Herdsmen in 586 CY, he himself was apparently slain by the Brotherhood, but subsequently reappeared several months later to reclaim the rulership of the Principality of Zelradton. He is known to hate the Circle of Eight.

Reynard (General). One of the finest military minds to come out of the South Province in many years and is a master strategist and historian. He has led the forces of the south Province for over 15 years and during that time has not aged! Some whisper that he is a vampire, or a disguised fiend. The truth of this is unknown.

Rohal Soldas. Mayor of Sornhill prior to the Brotherhood invasion, Soldas became one of the most hated of collaborators when he admitted Brotherhood troops into his town. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Saielma Relaster (Duchess of the Storm Coast). The ruler of the Storm Coast and senior surviving member of the Relasters. Saras Jernigan. The leader of the Loyal Church of Xerbo.

Sarlen Freeman. An old, blind influential priest of Trithereon.

Sessek Tesh. A sadistic and zealous member of the Scarlet Brotherhood based in Oblestone Keep. Nicknamed “The Butcher” by the rebellion who have attempted to kill him twice.

Tahllean Baeltas. A member of the Breakers she is extremely knowledgeable about the Gearnat and the islands that can be found upon it. Some wonder how she has such detailed knowledge of the pirates and their island bases.

Tarek Blackhands. Acting mayor of Halton Hill. Blacksmith.

Tarnedas. Known as the Hermit of the Gulls, he is a follower of Phaulkon. His current fate is unknown.

Telek Senh. Head of the Brotherhood’s Office of Faith in Onnwal Telek is an extremely powerful and charismatic priest of Wee Jas devoted to the ideals of the Brotherhood and its deities. He hardly ever leaves Scant.

Teral Lightfingers. Leader of the Wreckers in Sornhill.

Throna “the Wild” Balamalk. This Dwuress was a member of the Gilded Hammers of Sarakast.

Tiren Farness (Glaive Virtuous; Baron of Low Headland). Glaive Virtuous of the Order of the Golden Sun; a staunch supporter of Gellen Cadwale for the position of Glaive Superior.

Turrosh Mak. Leader of the humanoids in the Pomarj he is responsible for The Empire Where None Has Stood Before, otherwise known as the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj.

Tyeld Carbani. Head of the trading house Carbani and a stauch friend of the crown; Known for his hatred of Turrosh Mak, all Orcs and their kin.

Uthather Kais. A powerful Invoker and member of the Breakers, Uthather can be as violent as a Gearnat storm. He prefers direct and swift solutions to problems.

Velder Hanreth. Leader of the faith of Procan who is leading the rebuilding effort in Sornhill.

Velyae Baryaern (Baroness of Stormwal). Head of house Baryaern who rule the Cantred of Stormwal on the Storm Coast.

Vogel Daxand. Leader of the faith of Norebo in Sornhill; he is currently under protective custody in the Red Tower.

Vorengund, (Theign of Vergannin). A doughty Dwur warrior.

Waddell Scohlem. The leader of the faithful of Fortubo.

Wallac Relaster. A cousin of the slain duke of the Storm Coast and of Milos Relaster. He is currently thought to be in hiding with the Wreckers.

Wuthur the Wild. This tall and mean pirate is in his mid twenties and is already a formidable warrior. He has much booty from previous expeditions including a yuan ti idol that has magical powers. Rumours suggest that, among other things, Wuthur is a pawn of the slavers, a butcher of women and children and extremely rich. Now allegedly allied with the Free State.

Xavener I (Overking). The first Overking of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa and is the head of House Darmen, through which he has virtual complete control of all mercantile activity in his empire. House Darmen formed the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy to manage its far-flung business assets and today the guild pours vast amounts of wealth into Xavener’s treasury. Little is known of him personally apart from what his court lets slip: by all accounts he is a superb leader and extremely charismatic but it is apparent that some of his aids fear him greatly and that his enemies do not survive long in Ahlissa.

Yornal Kataga. A native of Irongate who before the Wars had extensive holdings around Longbridge. Also famous for creating Yornal – a rum-like drink.

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