Zilchus (ZIL-chus) is the Oeridian god of Power, Prestige, Money, Business, and Influence. His holy symbol is a pair of hands clutching a bag of gold.

Zilchus is a popular Oeridian god, depicted as a well-dressed Oeridian man of plain appearance. He is middle-aged, with brown hair and eyes, tanned skin, and a dignified demeanour, and depicted as smiling. His clothing is expensive without being ostentatious. He carries a gold purse and a flail with which to chastise the dishonest. Though he has little time for frivolous pursuits, he is knowledgeable about such matters because such knowledge helps him influence others.


Zilchus is revered primarily by those who are fair, honest, and scrupulous in their dealings; shady merchants are more likely to look to his brother Kurell instead.

Zilchus’ faith has been widespread through the central Flanaess since the Great Migrations and remains so today. Whenever trade is brisk, honest dealings are seen as important, and Zilchus’s faith thrives accordingly. Zilchus’ position as a god of power and influence has been somewhat weakened since the Greyhawk Wars with the rise of more martial faiths.


Zilchus’ clerics are ruthless in business, often viewed by others as emotionless souls, though of unimpeachable honesty. They involve themselves heavily in both business and politics, conducting deals above or below the table depending on their dispositions. They might work for powerful merchants, trade and crafts guilds, politicians, or nations, making transactions for their employers and accumulating prestige and currency for both their employers and themselves. Many are themselves merchants or nobles or in some other position of temporal power. His priests are listened to by most rulers because of their honesty and diplomatic skills. Neophyte clerics are given less glamorous positions, such as managing caravans or remote businesses or being hired as smugglers or adventurers.

Priests of Zilchus get along well with priests of Rao, though the latter gently chide them for their worldliness.

Zilchus’ favoured weapon is the dagger.

Banking and Business

There are no banks as we, of the modern world, know them. The banks of Greyhawk tend to be fortresses, often with a public shrine to Zilchus. In my world, the Bank is often a large temple, with public, private and secure areas. Public areas are managed by the clergy, private areas are for business or dedicated services, and secure areas are where wealth is stored. The secure areas also protect important paperwork, agreements, special licenses and the vast records of wealth that are stored in their temples. The clergy keep Immaculate Books.

The clergy is honest to a fault. Transgressions amongst the clergy face harsh punishments, “Trust is like glass, once broken, it can never be repaired” is a popular saying amongst the clergy, magic notwithstanding, people understand what it means. 

There is no national/international banking network. What the Banks can do, for those that wish to travel but not carry half a tonne of gold, is give a notarized letter in exchange. There is a 10% fee on both sides of the transaction. The document is inscribed with special runes and the location of the temple where it originated. To further add security, clerics frequently use the Sending spell to add a general description of the document holder. 

If there is a guild district, or wealthy, all money flows to the Temple of Zilchus. They oversee most business transactions, demanding both sides be honest and forthright in all exchanges. There should be no hidden details, and all situations must be agreed to. The elder Cleric helped to oversee the Protective Agreement with Greyhawk, it was quite the sight as two elder clerics of Zilchus negotiated!

Stored Wealth

For a fee, the temples and churches will store and protect a person’s gold. They also insured it while it is there. They are not above asking their Gods for assistance when things go wrong and things are stolen. Fraudsters face a harsh future if caught. The fee is 10%/month. The temples may use that stored wealth to finance activities, to which the deposited may gain a small percentage. Rarely more than 2%. 

Politics and Power

The Clerics are knee-deep in politics. Clerics often write the propositions and proposals, looking to turn the tide for those with wealth and those that can generate it. They also look for ways to see the poor keep more of their money.

Some facets have called the church out, stating that they are a spiralling pit of greed. To which the church fervently denies.

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