The Development Team

The team, as of the year 2002, that developed Onnwal for the Living Greyhawk Campaign are:

Creighton Broadhurst is a 28-year-old bar manager who enjoys GREYHAWK almost as much as he enjoys beer! He has travelled the Flanæss in various guises for 19 years and thinks he has uncovered many of its secrets. Creighton is an ex-triad member for the Onnwal region and is now on the Circle of Six. He is also a member of the [email protected] Group and can be reached on [email protected]

Jim Brown aka. “Flan Chief Supremo” Originally a local rural lad from Northamptonshire. Jim got into RPGs with his friends at school and was involved in tournament refereeing as a teenager. Whilst at University, he managed to find time to organise and run the Cardiff University LRP Society ’96-99 He graduated in 1999 and has worked in the Development Sector since, providing field consultancy for project based work where archaeological remains have been discovered. Jim joined the project in the early part of 2001 and has been writing and attending conventions once again ever since.

Simon Butler is a 42-year-old computing consultant who has traversed the Flanæss on and off for the last eight years, and has had many memorable encounters along the way. Simon is an Onnwal Triad member, has been gaming for over 20 years and is also a Bridge master and has been a junior chess county player. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Sean Connor is a 32 years of youth with 24 years of gaming exposure. Once a Triad, a Circle member and an RPGA staff member, he helped coordinating the RPGA Living Campaigns. I have travelled the lands of adventure, and met lots of people along the way. If you want to contact me, you will know how to do that, please do its always good to hear from you. I want to say “Fank Q” and HUGZ to Val my better half, for allowing me take over the home room by room, floor by floor, and the next house will have less gaming material honest. Live long and prosper, and continue to spread the word of gaming – FUN!

Gerard Cummins a.k.a. “The Man of a 1000 Personalities” is a 21-year-old college student who has been gaming for about eight years. The Irish Point of Contact for Onnwal he has way too much spare time. He can be reached on [email protected]

Andrew Hewson is an IT Programme Manager (well it sounds better than “computer geek”) who has spent most of the last few years travelling between Septic’, Cloggie, Froggie and Blighty, as well as spending a wonderful seven months as a prison visitor to the Convicts of Oz. In the real world (er, oh, ok, that was the “real world”™)… he games when he can (not too often these days), is a BITS member, well as being a scenario author, and the Webslave for the Living Greyhawk Onnwal web site, among others. He also practices Karate (anywhere, anywhen), and can be reached at [email protected] Visit for more.

Stuart Kerrigan, at 22, likes to think he brings youth, enthusiasm and good looks to the team that it simply couldn’t do without. Born in Jedburgh, Scotland (a place that boasts “The Last Shop in Scotland”) he has been roleplaying ever since the fateful day 12 years ago when hepicked up the Basic Set in Beatties model shop, Aberdeen. Since then Stuarthas been hooked on roleplaying and has the death sentence on twelve systems(including D&D; 3rd Ed). He currently roleplays regularly at Dundee University and allegedly works there on a PhD in Computer Vision when not writing 100-word bios.

Max Kraft, the former-Irish POC for the Living Greyhawk, Max is a D&D; 3rd Ed enthusiast, and a Cookeaholic. He has over the last year developed an allergy to running the scenario Escape from Scant, due to the fact he has ran it so many times for the good people of the Emerald Isle. In homage to this wonderous fellow and his deeds of derring-do the ODT have the “Max Kraft Lifetime Achievement Award” which is awarded to team members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

John Leeper is 28 years old, single and works as a civil servant. He started playing D&D; (the purple box with the Erol Otus cover art) way back in 1983, started using GREYHAWK in 1990, and has enjoyed it ever since. Although his playing experience is patchy (due to lack of local players, he hasn’t actually played since leaving University in 1994), he prefers the design and world-building aspects of a Dungeon Master to actually running the games. As such, he sees this as the perfect opportunity for him to contribute his ideas to the gaming community.

Paul Looby has graced the planet Earth for an alarming (to him at least) 27 years. At the tender age of 12, he discovered the WORLD OF GREYHAWK and things have never quite been the same since. When not masquerading as a biochemist, Paul has tried as player, GM, and now writer to bring his own peculiar brand of mayhem and twisted logic to the Flanæss. His early experiences as an altar boy in Ireland have been put to good use in devising the religions of Onnwal – which just goes to show that there’s no such thing as a misspent youth. He currently lives in Manchester, but doesn’t plan to make a habit of it. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Taz admits to being an IT Programme Director, but says that this just pays the bills. He has been gaming since the early days… starting with Chainmail (the original!) and Traveller. He is also a tournament author – having written numerous AD&D;/D&D; Opens, Masters, Grand Masters, Call of Cthulhu, and Best of the Best tournaments. Despite all of this, he is still at his happiest running games.

Gaming in Greyhawk

How Living Greyhawk Works

Living Greyhawk is the first RPGA campaign to be truly worldwide in scope. In effect, the countries of the Flanæss have been divided up amongst real-world countries and, in the case of the USA and Canada, between states. A Triad administers each of these regions; three people are tasked with developing the local campaign for their Flanæss country. TRIADs report to the CIRCLE OF SIX that runs the Living Greyhawk global campaign. Each TRIAD must create a website and Gazetteer showcasing their local region of GREYHAWK. In the case of the Onnwal in the UK, up to 26 modules will be run every year at a variety of events across the UK.

Introduction to the World of Greyhawk

The WORLD OF GREYHAWK is the second oldest Dungeons and Dragons campaign world and was the first to see print (in 1980). E. Gary Gygax and his friends originally developed the WORLD OF GREYHAWK as their own home campaign during the winter of 1972.

Four boxed sets, one hardcover book, many modules and sourcebooks, and countless magazine articles in Dragon, Dungeon, and Polyhedron have supported GREYHAWK over the last 22 years.

The Setting

The WORLD OF GREYHAWK is set in the eastern portion of the continent of Oerik known as the Flanæss on the planet of Oerth. A thousand years ago, far to the west, two great empires (the Suel and the Bakluni) destroyed each other in a magical conflict of cataclysmic proportions. The survivors of this conflict migrated east to escape the arid wastelands created by this conflict. For the next thousand years, rival tribes have warred across the length and breadth of the Flanæss displacing the native Flan and pushing the demi-humans into isolated pockets. In that time kingdoms have risen and fallen; a desert has been formed – the side effect of an evil curse, and countless heroes and villains have fought across the Flanæss in search of glory and power.

In game terms, the world has been moved forward from 576 CY (the date of the original boxed set) to 591 CY enduring a three-year continent-wide war and its aftermath in the process. Published materials have propelled adventurers to face Giants (G1-G3), the underground depths in the Drow series (D1-D3), to bizarre demi-planes in Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, and even into space in the Greyspace supplement for SPELLJAMMER. GREYHAWK is also the original setting for many other famous modules including The Temple of Elemental Evil, White Plume Mountain, and the infamous (and deadly) Tomb of Horrors.

Many famous characters also originally hail from Oerth; Mordenkainen, Bigby, Tenser, Robilar, and Serten all have their roots in the Flanæss. Many AD&D; players will be familiar with these names from the Players’ Handbook wherein are featured spells crafted by some of these individuals.

Many famous villains can also trace their origins back to GREYHAWK: Vecna, Kas, Keraptis, Acererak, Iggwilv, and Azalin to name but a few!

As well as famous individuals Oerth is also home to many of the best-loved artifacts in AD&D.; The Orbs of Dragonkind, the Hand and Eye of Vecna, the Sword of Kas, the Machine of Lum the Mad, the Mace of St. Cuthbert, and the Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless were first detailed here.

Greyhawk Returns!

TSR was sold in 1998 to Wizards of the Coast (WotC) who decided to revive the GREYHAWK setting. Since then several sourcebooks (The Adventure Begins, The Scarlet Brotherhood, Slavers, and the Player’s Guide to Greyhawk) and adventures (The Return of the Eight, The Star Cairns, and The Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad) have been published. WotC also produced several generic modules, such as The Shattered Circle and Return to the Keep on the Borderlands that were placed in the Flanæss. In addition, GREYHAWK has become the default world for d&d3e.

Further Reading

For further information about the GREYHAWK Campaign Setting and Onnwal the following sources are recommended:

Adventure Begins, the (1998), TSR. This sourcebook updates the history of Greyhawk from the Greyhawk Wars to the present day. Much of the information if relevant only to City of Greyhawk Campaigns.

Dungeon & Dragons Gazetteer (2000), WotC. ISBN 0-7869-1742-3. This d&d3e; introduction accessory has basic campaign information.

From the Ashes (1992), TSR. The boxed set dealt with the consequences of the Greyhawk Wars. It contains 2 sourcebooks and updated maps of the Flanæss.

Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000), WotC. This sourcebook has campaign information…

Greyhawk Wars (1991), TSR. Available as a free download or as part of the Greyhawk Wars Boxed Set this booklet details much of the history of the Greyhawk Wars. It also contains a list of movers and shakers and is vital for understanding the conflicts known as the Greyhawk Wars.

Ivid the Undying, TSR. Never published in paper form this supplement that deals with the lands of the Great Kingdom after the Greyhawk Wars is available for free download from the TSR Website. Portions of it can also be found in Dragon Magazine.

Living Greyhawk Journal (2000), WotC. This bi-monthly Journal (sourcebook) has an ongoing campaign history and feedback for members of the RPGA.

Players Guide to Greyhawk (1998), TSR. ISBN: 0-7869-1248-0. A good all-around primer that lists much useful Greyhawk information although much of the information is relevant only to campaigns set in the Free City of Greyhawk.

Scarlet Brotherhood, the (1999), TSR ISBN 0-7869-1374-6. This supplement deals primarily with the Scarlet Brotherhood and its dominions. Listings and information on Suel gods can also be found within as well as descriptions of the Amedio Jungle and Hepmonaland.

Slavers (2000), WoTC. ISBN 0-7869-1621-4. A sourcebook dealing with the Wild Coast and the Pomarj. It builds on the previous Slavelords modules (A1-4).

World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting, (1983), TSR. The original boxed set detailing the setting. It contains two sourcebooks and a set of large poster maps.

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