The Sapphire Wand

The Sapphire Wand

This is the local Spell Casters Guild. It is run out of the Crypts of The Ruby Sorceress There are several benefits to being part of this guild. You gain access to the Ruby Library, to other members and centuries of experience. The only requirement is the ability to cast a spell.

Ranks of Membership:

  1. Student (25gp/yr.): Cast Cantrips and Level 1 & 2 spells
  2. Conjurer (50gp/yr.): Can cast Level 3 & 4 spells
  3. Magician (100gp/yr.): Can cast Level 5 to 7 spells
  4. Master Spell Caster (200gp/yr.): Can cast level 8 to 9 spells.
  5. Elder (200gp/yr.): Can cast level 10 and beyond (Ultra rare).
  6. Council Member (200gp/yr.): This is a unique title, anyone from Conjurer to Elder can become a council member with the support of the community. There are always 13 Council Members, while the 13th member is often the Council Elder (Leader). The Council Elder Must be at least a Master Spell Caster. Although, in the past, there have been Conjurers that have ascended to the Great Chair.

The Ruby Library:
This huge, multilevel area has the resources of nearly 1000 years of research, study and practice. The curators constantly look to expand their collection and have been known to hire groups to look for lost tombs and scrolls. People come from many lands to use the library, so the rules are strict and maintained.

Library Membership:

  1. There are many levels and chambers to the library. Some are public, some require experience and a rare few demand Guild Membership.
  2. There is an entry fee of 1sp.
  3. Local students can access the public areas for free but may be asked to help with clean up.
  4. Genealogy is well managed here, and often behind locked doors.
  5. Anyone proven to have purposely damaged a book will be expected to pay the value of the book, and banned for life. Defacing furniture will demand payment to repair.
  6. Some rooms can be rented to study and sleep in.

The students stay in a warren to the northwest of the rest of the complex. Males and females are separate, couples can, for an extra fee, share rooms. In the upper galleries, they have rooms for those wizards that have returned to the fold, as it were, their fee is 2sp/day. It is expected to be paid weekly. Those that stay without a membership are charged 1gp/day.

It is presumed that people plan to stay for months at a time, this is due to the reality that many spell casters come here to research. Room is not an issue as there are entire floors of rooms that have not been stayed in for some time.


Master Cilien Tindir

Master Cilien Tindir
Race: Half-Elf
Level: Wizard 10, Cleric (Grave) 3.
Cilien is the current Guild master. She is a lovely soul, easily in her mid-80s, and still with 80 years to go. She is pretty with brilliant blond hair, and dark brown eyes, her complexation carries the hint of a green hue, possibly implying her father was a Wood Elf. She is talkative and engaging, always willing to help and never misses a chance to educate, but can seem overbearing and controlling. 

She is always wearing layered full-length hooded robes of alternating gray and black. Her blond hair is laced with fine gold jewelry, she always wears expensive earrings and necklaces. Her passion for skull jewellery is typical of her faith. She is married to a local merchant.

Original Artwork by Maxim Pakulov, and repurposed by me.

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