Coldeven 24, 585, cont.

The party is fighting for its life. 

zombies swarm from every direction, the sickening smell fills their nostrils and mouths. Death is on the march. The group refuses to retreat, instead of doing their best to create a line, but there is simply too many undead. The undead strikes their blows and widdle the group down. A retreat is starting to look good.

Kossoth Bav, nephew to Lady Cirma Bav appears, he was late to join them from the city. He manages to add that extra layer of protection. The tables start to turn and the group defeats the zombies. 

Kossoth, with help, lines the bodies up. He is able to identify three servants of the Bav family, they are wearing the Bav Family crest. The rest look to be local farmers. They would be serfs belonging to Lord Mulcon Longarm, a noble in Safeton. 

Secret: While the party interviewed and charmed Kossoth, Udrif and Pharum pillaged one of the family sarcophagi. They find a good size ruby (60 gp) and a tiara (300 gp). The tiara is lovely made of delicate gold wire, decorated with precious and semiprecious gems. They hide their theft even beating the group’s insight checks with a deception roll. 

The group walks back an hour, to spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse. They clean the place before using it. 

Resources used:

  • 5 uses of a Healers kit, 5 left.
  • All, but Udrif, used1 HD to heal. Udrif declined as he was only down 2 hp.
  • They did set watch but there was no activity.

EXP for Session 1 & 2: 400 each.