Safeton, Growfest 5 (Godsday), 585, 1 pm.

The group broke into three, Vonhilga and Pharum went to visit Lady Bav, Udrif went to hang out with his new friends, Thaduli and Vifil went to hire a spell caster and then to the old man with the magic bow.

Vonhilga and Pharm

Lady Bav invited the two in, she seemed pleased to see them. She offered the group several jobs and they plan to have a party in the future. The two asked Lady Bav to give the group a name, other than Bav’s Cleaners.

  1. Clean out a local Noble Family Burial Mound. Less than a full day from the city, up the north road, there is a side road that will take to the mound. Pays 100 gp for the group. The Family in question has asked that the group take two guards to watch over the location after the group leaves and to report back about the group’s success. 
  2. Family Lumber Camp. The smaller Bav clan has a small refurbished lumber business, it was recently overrun by monsters who are now using to attack local roads and communities. They need it cleaned out. It pays 500 gp for the group. The location is north of the city, another full day past the Mound, east inland. They will provide better details on the day of the travel. 
  3. Old Fort. A local individual would like your group to explore and if possible, the individual would like you to try and reclaim the keep. This pays 1000 gp for the group. The location is three days west of the city. The old roads are overgrown and mostly abandoned, no one has been to the keep in 10 or so years. Expect the worst. 


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 4

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 4

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 4

Vonhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 4

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 4

Udrif and the Three Halfling Stooges:

Looking for some fun, Udrif chose to spend the morning with his reclaimed friends. They immediately hijacked him to help them spy on, what they hoped, would be their next mark. Udrif, seeing a clear chance to use his failure, sent in his rat. The rat did a good job investigating the three-story home. Turns out it was a rather high-end brothel. The rat had to hightail it out as it was discovered and chased. While discussing options, one of the halflings shared he had seen an elf being taken into the brothel, he thinks she may have been a prisoner or slave. Targin, an avid hater of slavery make it clear he was going to help. Perpher chose to leave and stay out of it and Yareon tried to argue them out of any rash action, his major point being, that he suspected the thieves guild was involved. 

Targin did ask Udrif if he thought his friends would help rescue the elf, to which the halfling agreed to ask.

Thabuli and Vifil:

The two decided to gang up on the old man. He owned a small shop called Potters Hights. To be sure the party got their money’s worth, they sought to hire a young apprentice wizard from the School of the Scarlet Sorceress. After a brief conversation, they were lent Mistress Taza Silver. She was an orphan taken in by the School and trained, she had access to Identify and Detect Magic. They returned to the old man’s shop, he did try to trick them, but Taza cast her Detect Magic spell and was able to tell the two what was and was magical. Once the old man realized that the young Taza was a wizard from the School, he regained his honesty. The two bought the magic longbow for 650gp. They also, thanks to Taza, found a magic Ring (Mind Shielding with a soul still in it), a strange onyx panther figurine and a very natural-looking staff. She did not have enough spells to identify the figurine and staff. The old man claims they were sold to him years ago. The group returned Taza to the temple and she reported her findings to her Senior.

Downtime Activities

Back from Session 6, Pharum gained credit with the Thieves Guild worth 97 gp, 5sp. He asked that spys be placed to watch Lady Bav and The priest that creeped Thabuli and Vifil out at the temple of the Scarlet Sorcerers. 

Outstanding Treasure


  • 60 arrows + 3 quivers (in good shape)
  • a lacquered wooden shield brooch inlaid with a meander of electrum – Been repaired (25 gp),
  • a pewter bowl set with a single black pearl – Been repaired (25 gp),
  • an agate salt cellar set with a rosette of blue spinel – Been repaired (25 gp),
  • an earthenware plate embossed with arcane runes that glow with a blue/green core (25 gp)

The Annual Bav “Gathering of Lights”

Planting, Freeday, the 28th.

Every year the Bav family throws a large event, the event is dedicated to Pelor, it is open to all Nobles – it is bad form to exclude any of them, and let the local children see the “Stary Lane.” The Stary Lane is the main road that has been lit by the many noble families. Each Family adds an extravagant display along their front walls. The winner gets to Judge the following year. Donations are given to the local orphanages and the needy.

Vonhilga and Pharum have been asked to run the entertainment for this year even.