Safeton, Growfest 4 (Godsday), 585, 4 pm.

Welcome to the Spring Equinox, you are all invited to the Feast of Edoira. The day is grand and filled with song and cheer. The group gained level 4. Much of our session was getting that done. Congratulations!

They also took the time to sell some goods, they collectively took 5 days of downtime. It was a combination of recuperating, community activities and a bit of hunt and seek.

The party went to seek out Ozzon, proving to be a buyer of goods, they run good deals with him, and used their Guild Currency. The group managed to sell all of its goods. It was a good deal and the group walked away with 324 gp.

During the downtime the group spent 50gp to find a Longbow +1. The owner of the shop, and old human, knew what he had and asked 750 gp.

The Ranger discussed his desire and they agreed to help him buy it. 


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 4

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 4

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 4

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 4

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 4

Downtime Activities

Pharum Ykej

  • Worke for 5 days and covered all day-to-day expenses. They managed to save 10 gp.

Thabuli Cathadu

  • While researching and carousing you make a low-level contact. While hunting for details you found him/her looking into similar details. You find you have a great deal in common and even find time to laugh together. He/she asks if you would be interested in helping him/her solve her quest. You can find her at the Sage Library in the Crafters District. 
    • Lena Müller is a young human – self-titled explorer – who has been researching a lost relic in the Suss Forest. She is maybe 27 seasons, pretty with short blond hair. She wears the same robes as the Sages, she may be a student or an employee, but did not, at any point, identify herself that way. Outside she tends to wear quality common clothes to the region, her colours look to be white and brown.

Udrif Fouce

  • Through a combination of drunken larceny and a quirky sense of humour, you manage to find a small group of like-minded halflings. They live in the poor quarter of town but dress in decent traveller clothes.
    • Yareon Rivervale, Perpher Boulderdew, Targin Deepwhistle. Each of these individuals is, as far as Udrif knows, a member of the local thieves guild. Udrif has known this group for years and they seem to have finally come into their own. They have a few big ideas and want to take advantage of the situation in the city to liberate some gold from unneedy hands.


  • Work for 5 days and cover all day-to-day expenses. They manage to save 10gp.

Vifil Ufisson

  • Spent 5 days looking for a magic bow or armour. He had to spend his normal 5 days of gold and then another 50gp for a mix of bribes, research, memberships and other D&D abstract expenses. 

Back from Session 6, Pharum gained credit with the Thieves Guild worth 97 gp, 5sp. He asked that spys be placed to watch Lady Bav and The priest that creeped Thabuli and Vifil out at the temple of the Scarlet Sorcerers. 

Outstanding Treasure

Treasure: (updated 24-April-2022)

  • 2 x longbows (in good shape) – sold for 50gp 
  • 60 arrows + 3 quivers (in good shape)
  • 2 x long swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape) – sold for 24gp
  • 1 x short swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape) (One given to Vonhilga) – sold for 6gp
  • 2 x daggers (each is different/in good shape)  – sold for 4 gp
  • 3100 cp (31gp),
  • 1500 sp (150gp),
  • 20 gp,
  • moonstone (50 gp) – sold for 40gp
  • quartz (50 gp) – sold for 40gp
  • sardonyx (50 gp) – sold for 40gp
  • 3 x zircon (50 gp each) – sold for 120gp
  • 2000 cp, 1000 sp, 60 gp – in loose coins.
  • a once fine leather merchant’s cap trimmed with fox fur – now rotting and beyond repair,
  • a lacquered wooden shield brooch inlaid with a meander of electrum – damaged but repairable (25 gp),
  • a leather armour trimmed with fur -rotted beyond repair,
  • a pewter bowl set with a single black pearl – stained but repairable (25 gp),
  • a wooden plate with strange engravings – rotted beyond repair,
  • an agate salt cellar set with a rosette of blue spinel – aged but repairable (25 gp),
  • an earthenware plate embossed with arcane runes that glow with a blue/green core (25 gp)

*Safeton Regulars are the Troops that do road patrols.