Safeton, Coldeven 25 (Godsday), 585, 1 pm. cont.

Udrif and Pharum went to place Udrif knows as a hangout for the local Thieves Guild (TG), or at least a gang aligned with the Guild. They find an Ozzon, a local organizer (fixer) for the TG. He is a well-dressed dapper human, early 30s, clean-shaven, his colours seem to be black and dark grey. He does not wear a hood, instead of a fancy hat. Pharum and Udrif immediately make him laugh and with Ozzon already knowing Udrif, things turned out well.

After some shenanigans and general conversation, Ozzon and Pharum made a deal.

  • Offered 45 for the 60 gp ruby (sold),
  • Offered 220 gp for the 300 gp for tiara (sold), 
  • Offered 125 gp for the 200 gp platinum statue (sold).

There was some haggling and a deal of 50% in gold and 50% in trade from the TG. These trade deals can be hiring spies, personal entertainers, hiring skills ‘labour’ and the like. Pharum was happy to share the remaining 50/50. Each walked away with 97 gp, 5 sp.


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 3

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 3

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 3

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 3

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 3

Pharum makes the request to have his body coated in peanut butter and licked off by two attractive women. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to find the volume of peanut oil required, but the women were easy… in many ways. That accounted for 2 hours of their day. Pharum rolled an excellent persuasion to try and convince Udrif to join, but you really can’t coerce anyone to do that, so Udrif stayed and watched. It cost Pharum 6 gp, and Udrif may have lost sanity points.

In the meantime, Vifil and Thabuli agreed that Vif would join their merry band. After a solid perception roll, the two decided they need to go to a more private place to talk about their recent experiences. They decided to go to the Crypt of the Ruby Sorceress and rented a library room. Thabuli shared that he suspected that the Wights chose Vifil because of his skills. They went to see if the area had any recent sightings of undead OR noted an escalation of sightings. Thabuli, being a member of the Ruby Wand, went to talk to the Master of Events and Current Times Master Zeber Memi.

Master Zeba Memi had a very different view of the Dead and Undead than the PCs in the conversation. They learned that if two wights are working together they may have known each other in life, and if they went after Vif, it is very possible the wights knew him in life and felt they could work with him. 

Master Memi also shared gossip/news regarding a local noble family: The Duzursk, currently led by Kaf Duzursk. An ancient crypt was recently and accidentally, found that belonged to the Duzursk. It was found when two students went missing, their remains were found. It looks like they found something or caught the attention of something that murdered them. The temple wants them dealt with because these creatures are not servants of the temple. It is the Duzursk Families responsibility to destroy the creatures that have desecrated the crypt. The group did put it together that this ask by the temple was similar to the ask by Lady Bav. There was no mention of the servants being sent in.

After that, creepy, meeting Thabuli and Vif went to the Brawlers Pit and partook in an ancient battle between the Great Kingdom and Almor. It was a savage battle with people getting hurt, luckily clerics and healers sat along the sidelines and raced in to help those in need. At approximately 5 pm, with the battle of the Great Kingdom vs Almor the two left and headed to the Sailor Inn where they met with Pharum and Udrif.

The group shared information and that is where the game broke for the night. 

Outstanding Treasure

Treasure from the wights

  • 2 x longbows (in good shape)
  • 80 arrows + 4 quivers (in good shape)
  • 2 x long swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape)
  • 2 x short swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape)
  • 4 x daggers (each is different/in good shape)
  • 1 x suits of studded leather (in good shape), used to be 2, one suit was given to Pharum.
  • Money:
    • 4 pp
    • 10 gp
    • 9 sp
    • 16 ep
    • 72 cp

*Safeton Regulars are the Troops that do road patrols.