Safeton, Coldeven 27 (Earthday), 585, 1 pm. cont.

After a long rest, the group took care of some basic repairs to gear and goods. Those nat 20s really tear up the goods. They also learned that the new shield+1 they found belonged to the Balan Family. The Balan’s were a prominent Noble family in the region, till about 160 years ago when they made an ill-fated section to move south and got overwhelmed by forces that lived in the forest. The shield was part of a display in the Library/Museum of the Temple of the Ruby Sorceress, it was stolen just over 2 years ago. How this shield ended up in the Duzursk Family Crypt is a mystery.

The Ruby Sorceress Temple had an outstanding reward for the return of the shield, of 150 gold crowns. The party negotiated 5 healing potions and a big thank you. The Senior Librarian (Elder Jez Enzile) seemed pleased with the exchange and the party.

Jez Enzile is a human female, with a severe look to her. Her clerical robe is very proper, and correct. Her hair is tight and held in place by numerous pins, she wears light touches of makeup along her cheeks (blush) and around her eyes (dull grey eyeliner). 


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 3

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 3

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 3

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 3

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 3

When the group returned to the Tomb, they met 9 guards, they presented the group with attitude but Thabuli was having none of that, and rolled a 24 on his Intimidation, while the Guards rolled a collective 12. They changed their demeanour and left promptly. 

Once into the tomb, the door was locked behind them. The oppressive nature of the tomb was still evident, claustrophobic and cloying, the air distasteful and sour. The group stormed the main room, quickly finding the next group to fight, which brought the final room to the fight. It was an intense battle, no nat 20s for the bad guys but the party did manage to get the wight trapped in a Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp, once again stopping his dangerous onslaught.

The group fought a wight, a ghoul, 6 skeletons and 5 zombies and once gain, declared victory! They even earned a level. After a short and much-needed rest, the group investigated. They rolled excellently.

  • 2000 cp, 1000 sp, 60 gp – in loose coins
  • a once fine leather merchant’s cap trimmed with fox fur – now rotting and beyond repair,
  • a lacquered wooden shield brooch inlaid with a meander of electrum – damaged but repairable (25 gp),
  • a leather armour trimmed with fur -rotted beyond repair,
  • a pewter bowl set with a single black pearl – stained but repairable (25 gp),
  • a wooden plate with strange engravings – rotted beyond repair,
  • an agate salt cellar set with a rosette of blue spinel – aged but repairable (25 gp),
  • an earthenware plate embossed with arcane runes that glow with a blue/green core (25 gp)

The group completed the below mission and is rewarded by the church: with 100 gp each.

  • One of her friends, another Noble Family, recently was informed that an ancient crypt of theirs was discovered. They would like the place investigated and cleaned out… they already sent in servants that never returned. This crypt is deep within the Crypts of the Ruby Sorceress.  They are paying 100 gp per adventurer. The Family is not mentioned.

Outstanding Treasure

Treasure: (updated 03-April-2022)

  • 2 x longbows (in good shape) – Sold
  • 60 arrows + 3 quivers (in good shape)
  • 2 x long swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape) – Sold
  • 1 x short swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape) (One given to Vonhilga) – Sold
  • 2 x daggers (each is different/in good shape)  – Sold
  • 3100 cp,
  • 1500 sp,
  • 20 gp,
  • moonstone (50 gp) – sold
  • quartz (50 gp) – sold
  • sardonyx (50 gp) – sold
  • 3 x zircon (50 gp each) – sold

*Safeton Regulars are the Troops that do road patrols.