The new campaign is going to be called Goblin Crusade. It will include a number of new players, some with experience with older editions of D&D, some who have watched podcasts and one that has never played. I am looking forward to this.

  • The new story takes place in Safeton, on the Wild Coast.
  • It is looking like I will have Six players.
  • I will be using Roll20 (It has been good to me and I know it pretty well).
  • Many of my this new team are professional performers, so I am expecting heavy RPing.
  • At the moment, the game is lite, the focus is to introduce the players to D&D 5e and give them a chance to learn their characters and the rules.

I have a tonne of clean-up to do and will be re-arranging my Blog to better organize my current train of thought. We will see how this works out. Time is not always on my side.