This will be the location I hope to post all jobs that relate to Kendall Keep and it’s area (two days around by horse).

Clean up the Basement

Lord Sinaht Cralee asked if the PC’s would be interested in further employment, once they had completed the Willis-Byrd job. The keep is older then they know, and there are several levels below the main ground. (I have changed a bit so it makes more sense).

  • Sub-level 1: Storage, and barracks. Still have access to this level.
  • Sub-level 2: Prisons and guard stations. Currently closed off at level 1.
  • Sub-level 3: Tomb? We didn’t really know it was there till the floor fell through from level two.
  • More Levels: Sinaht suspects up to 5 full levels based upon a scrying he did. But the levels are warded and hard to see.

When they finally clued in that something was wrong and inspected the area, the prisoners were all dead, looked like their life force had been drained. A few of the prisoners looked like they had been partially eaten, and many of the guards had been torn to shreds. If the guards had been aware, this would not have happened. If all 8 guards had been asleep, maybe. There is no evidence of any magic was used to disable the guards. And no, the prison level is low enough that you can’t hear screams. Although they do suspect the undead.

The Castellan is willing to hire the party to clean up the problem. The local priest (Chapel – 17) has offered to go as well to help with this. Pay to be discussed.

Caves of Chaos Clean up – Currently accepted

If your team is willing to clear the Caves

  • The Lady is willing to fund you for 20 mercs with foods stuffs and other important gear.
  • She will pay your team, 1000gp each for this mission.
  • You and your team will get first pick of all look and treasure, assuming you are doing most of the work.
  • Once the caves are clear, they will leave the region to you. That means you can hire whom you wish and do as you wish.
  • She is not in a position to give you that area, but she help you make a stake in it. As far as she can tell, no one has claimed that region in generations.
  • She will pay the Mercs for 60 days. She figures that should be quite a bit of time to clean out the caves.
  • She will also send along several priests to help clean the area.