Powerful Families with wide reaching influence.

Houses are large powerful Families that have impressive reach. These NPCs are of my creation.

House Randug

Mostly Human with many dwarven and Gnome employees.

  • Deal with a volume of mining, raw work, finished work and art.
  • Own several mines in the region. Several won by Council intervention from the House Rolana.
  • Known for their brutal work ethics, they have recently faced more and more violent unrest.
  • They sell their products to many different countries around the world. Friends in remote places.

House Dordi

Majority Human.

  • Property and Farms: Agricultural is their main stream of income. They sell food stuffs and vegetables to much of the country and just beyond.
  • Nature they have a strange connection with the earth. Many of the House are Druids. They are distant and preoccupied by their duties. Possibly an accidental House.
  • They treat their farms better then their farmers. Although many of the farmers are hesitant to complain.

House Shana

Majority Human, some Half Elves. Ancient and cold. This group will murder their mums to make an extra copper. Their mums would approve.

  • While they smile at you, their friends are robbing and looking at selling your organs to anyone willing to buy.
  • They are deep in the slaver trade. They hire, train and murder their own raiders. They run a brutal training facility deep in the Lortmil Mountains. (about an inch east from the Ulek, just above Old Hills)
  • The House Elders are rarely home, always being about and doing their ‘duties’. The young run the roost and that has proven to be a disaster on many fronts.

House Rolana

All Dwarven with some Halflings and Gnomes.

  • They used to have many mines but lost them to house Randug.
  • They have bared down and started to focus on what they have and expanding into new areas. They have aggressively started to buy new to explore.
  • They have also begun to pay their current staff better.

Families with some power and Local Influence.

Families are a mix bag of nuts. Some are very wealthy, some carry a great deal of influence, while others are hardworking. The difference is power. Families often carry a great deal of power. But nothing like the Houses.

  • Wysalar Family
    • Human. Knightly Family. Often our and about the lands
  • Syljor Family
    • Mostly Human. Merchants that travel the lands.
  • Nerimys Family
    • Mostly Human
    • Broken Family. Lost a War to the Daro. Daro are currently claiming property and rights.
  • Balren Family
    • Wood Elves and Half Elves
    • Wood workings, gardening and fancy fair.
  • Darel Family
    • Halfing Family.
    • Jewellers and fine craftpersons
  • Giljeon Family
    • All Half Elves.
    • They are a group of adventurers and Tomb Raiders. Many people are scared of them as they are head and shoulder more dangerous then many of the Families. Average level of the “Family” is 4. This vast house tends to be treated more like a base of operations than a Home. 
  • Daro Family
    • Are edging closer to House status. They are working at sabotaging House Rolana. They have a strong relationship with House Randug. Randug will probably destroy Daro when they are done with them.
  • Torbella Family
    • Human and Half Elf
  • Dorris Family
    • Mostly Human
  • Trislen Family
    • All Gnome.
    • Fine toys, metal crafts and weapons.
  • Xillamin Family
    • Mostly Human
  • Elara Family
    • High Elf. 
    • Family of Wizards and Spell Casters. 
  • Roris Family
    • All Human. Very Elitist and Aloof. 
    • Their children and staff tend to be very pro human.
  • Valnorin Family
    • Mostly Human with some Dwarves.