Dagrassaeb Grugach

Dagrassaeb Grugach

Dagrassaeb is an ancient tribe of Grugach. They have been wondering about the Flanaess for generations. They settle for a period of time, then for unknown reasons move on. They did not make friends, often behaving more like bandits and raiders than potential allies, grugach, go figure. They took what they wanted, stole what they felt they could not take and left a trail of blood in their wake. This has been their chosen lot.

Some time ago, their elder Druid had a dream of a great forest in the mountains, their clan was to go there and guard against it. The Druid was clear in her dream; guard the forest against the evil in the tomb, keep the evil there. As with many things, the message was distorted over time, some may even say twisted by the corruption of the forest. The Grugach faced Asa, the twisted Fire Giant, whose evil could not be contained.

When they arrived there was already a tribe of grugach there, the two tribes uncomfortably shared the forest, but the Dagrassaeb saw weakness when several of the other tribe’s warriors did not return from the cave. The Dagrassaeb slaughtered the other tribe and claimed all females and children. The old tribe’s name was lost, their people claimed.

Corruption is patient, and it had time, over the eons it rotted the souls of the grugach, non all that pure to begin with, fell easily to its sway. They let wonders and explorers into the tomb but butchered any that came out, a minor twist to the original intent of the vision. 

Just over 100 years ago, three dryad priestesses arrived, to which the Grugach leader demanded two for his personal amusement. The dryads did not expect his behaviour but knowing the importance of their mission agreed to his terms. They had no choice after all.

Now the dryad’s waited.

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