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The Dancer

The Dancer that guards God-King Asa’s inner sanctum.

The Dancer, The White Lady, The Dancing Lady, White Death… she has many names, all of which tell nothing of who or what she is or was. Her story is lost to time.

She never spoke, never made an effort to communicate, she let some of the elves move into the room, and cut them down in seconds, she was blind and deaf, it was brutal.” Luna’s voice shook as she recounted the story. “She danced, to a drumbeat I could barely hear, let alone understand. She wielded two  blades, they blazed in her hands speaking of her rage at her dance being interrupted.” Luna gulps air, just the recounting causes her terror. “She did not care who she killed, only that they dared enter the chamber she guarded. Male, female, young and old feel to her hateful blades.” The dryad priestess looked into the fire for a long moment, her tale done, she falls silent.

The Dancer is as old as the tomb. We can only guess, 10,000 years? Maybe more? Probably. There is no record of her, no notation or entry, not even the racial memories of the elves can recall her, none know her.

The ghost Stigr Bladesmasher, a deformed rock giant youth, managed to share some details about the Dancer.

  • In life her first name was Fionghan
  • She is said to be an elf
  • She has been mutilated – no eyes or ears, no one can speak to her.
  • She was a freedom fighter from another world.
  • She was captured, the God-King Fire Giant Asa Worldcrusher was so impressed with her prowess, he gave her to his Priests and she was twisted into his bodyguard.
  • She fights with two blades.
  • She is unnaturally fast, strong and durable.
  • She is eternal (Stigr stated that if the Relic is moved, she would finally die – it is not clear if that means be freed or simply stop functioning)
  • Do not fight her, she is the White Death.
  • It is said she is a demigoddess, whose mother is Aerdrie Faenya

Appearance: Pale skin, matched by pale white hair, she wears a dancer’s gown and wields two swords. 

The Group discovered that the Dancer is trapped by the magic of the relic. If they can cover the sarcophagus with the bag, that will block the magic, hopefully, that is keeping the Dancer enslaved. Once she is freed the group should be able to retrieve the relic, place it in the bag and have the golem carry it. 

The group learned, from two shadows of the Goddesses Aerdrie Faenya and Hiatea that in this world, the Dancer was trying to help that world but fell to the endless pawns of the Giant Empire. It was also learned that Vaprak wanted her title War Dancer, and to claim her Constellation, The Dancer. It was priests of Vaprak that helped to turn the Dancer into what she is. Once she was gone, Vaprak took over her portfolio of War and ignored the rest. 

Art by Tactic Sign Studio

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