Coldeven 23, 585

Bold or brash, these bold new adventures meet in an Inn. No seriously, I did an inn run. I know, it was awesome. 

The Sea Salt Pub & Eatery, they have some room on the second floor. Two of the players are bards, Pharum Ykej is a Half-Elf with a passion for small and cute and the stalwart Vonhilga the Dwarf bard with a five-o’clock shadow. Their longtime fan Udrif the halfling scout their mutual friend Thabuli brought  Coy into the mix. After many drunken conversations, the group has decided they want more. Quietly they let people know they are looking for work. 

Lady Cirma Bav, the Matriarch of a minor noble family, approached Pharum, as he was on break from his show, and asked if this collection of friends would be interested in a paying job. She did not want to discuss the details in the pub. Pharum worked out a lunch date with the now laughing Lady Bav.

Pharum does inform his group. The group decides to go and talk to the lady.



Coy Oukagh
Gnome Illusionist
Level 3

Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 3

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 3

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 3

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 3

Still that evening at the inn. Near the closing time they discovered three mildly suspicious characters, and upon discussion realized that Ezor, an animal handler at the Brawler’s Pit, had been visiting that table several times over the course of the evening. Vanhilga went and talked to the crew, one of them was put off when one of the males got annoyed that he was not getting laid.

The party rolled a number of Persuasions and Deceptions to try and gather information regarding the Lady Bav.

Some of the rumours they got:

  • Lady Bav is ill and trying to shore up her Family’s standing before she passed away. She has been actively working at marrying her youngest daughters and even younger grandchildren to ranking families.
  • The Lady is very supportive of the local poor. She has tried and failed, many times to get some sort of system in place to help the needy.
  • The Lady is dealing with some strange problems and needs people willing to keep quiet.

On the way to the manor, they met a guard that knew Coy from his time at the School of Magic. The Guard was Sgt Vehra Netsk, at one time he was a guard at the temple of the Ruby Sorceress. But now he works for the Nobles on the Row. They would have got more information but Pharum was in a rush to get to his free lunch and rolled a max Intimidation. The guards let the group through anyways, but the intimidation added some quality awesome to the moment.

The group goes to the Bav Manor and has a delicious lunch (tender vial with snow peas, baby potatoes and spices, all in a delightful gravy and artisan bread to top it all off).

The Job:
The job is to clear the Bav’s private cemetery of zombies. She had a group of servants go to clean the area up and do general maintenance. Only one returned and he was seriously wounded, babbling about walking corpses. 

The Offer:

  • The group gets 50 gp each, just for showing up and to please keep this quiet for at least two weeks.
  • If the group is successful and clears ALL zombies from the cemetery, they will each get another 50 gp.

The group once again handled with the good-natured Lady Bav and got to spend the night in fine rooms. The Lady invited a friend of hers, Master Aren Mosk, one of the Senior Bards at the Pavilion of the Songstress. He was one of Pharum and Vonhilga instructors when they were students a few years ago. They all had a lovely visit and several suspects that Aren and Lady Bav are a secret couple.

The Library:

  • Thabuli learned that many of the Bav family have served in the local military. Even Lady Bav service in the Navy, for seven years, till she was wounded. The group pieced together that she lost an arm, but she currently has one.
  • Coy found a book on the Theory of Celestial Magic (A cleric wizard mix).

Coldeven 24, 585

The next day the group walked and arrived at the Bav Cemetary sometime around 11 am. The area grew darker, the sun struggled to get through the clouds. The group got into a fight with the walking undead almost immediately. One of the players cast Thunderwave and got the attention of all the undead in 300 feet. When the evening ended, the group had two if not three waves of undead swarmed in.