Status: Paladin of Heironeous – Offered services to Priestess Perrin
Origins: Greyhawk
Mission: N/A

To quote Bull, “I got my name because I was the first to charge in, and the last to leave.” then he will take on the manners of a gruff old soldier and deepen his voice and say. “Boy, you’re like a bull, no brains and all brawn.” He will then laugh.

Bull was raised in the church. As a child he was adopted by the Temple and raised to be a Cleric or Paladin. With his size he was quickly put into the ranks of Paladin.

A year ago he woke with a disturbing vision of a burning eye eating up the world. Against all rules and logic he left and has been working his way to Kendell Keep. Along the way he picked up Sister Tatha Faris, a Nun belonging to one of the smaller temples in Greyhawk.

Once he realized that there was a Priestess on a similar mission he happily offered her his sword.

Character Sheet: PDF Level 2, PDF Level 3. 

Sort of my vision of Bull. The down and gritty Paladin as apposed to the shiny one. Found this over at, by AlekseyBayura.

Sir Derron (Bull) Leeran